Wonders of Hot Water

Posted on Healthcare By Utsavi Bokil - Published on 2016-09-22

Hot water has many benefits from reducing pain to curing diseases. Physicians all around the world recommend drinking a warm glass of water in the morning. Some of the hot water benefits:

Reduces pain

From headaches to period pain, hot water helps in reducing pain. Hot water eases muscle tensions and helps in reducing cramps during menstruation.



Increases Metabolism

Hot water increases body temperature. Adipose tissue is broken down by hot water. Thus, weight loss is triggered by warm waters.

Helps in reducing congestion

Phlegm is dissolved by hot water. Flushing out phlegm is possible after it is dissolved, thus hot water should be consumed when suffering from flu.

Good for Bowel movements

Drinking hot water in the morning helps in cleaning all the residue from intestines. Bowel movements are improved and reduces constipation.

Good for hair health

Hydration reduces dandruff as it nourishes dry and flaky scalp.

Hot water is used for detoxification too. Hence, it is recommended that a person drinks 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Out of 8, 2-3 glasses should be warm. It helps in improving health in many ways.

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