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It is a commonly believed that weather changes, especially at times of seasonal transitions have an effect on human health. Seasonal weather changes can make you susceptible to illness and your immune system plays a key role in this regard. Existing health problems may get aggravated in response to weather changes, the most common observed health issues are the following:

Lung problems

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis, cough and asthma, be wary of weather extremes- both hot and cold. Temperature extremes affect your breathing and thus your lungs. Temperature fluctuations and thundershowers increase the risk of chest infections, cold, viral flu and aggravate asthma & allergy symptoms.


Migraines are triggered by sudden weather changes, such as the rise or fall in temperature, pressure and humidity. Hydration of the body is necessary and staying indoors is advisable. You can also keep a record of weather triggers that cause the attacks, to stay alert against future attacks.

Heart attacks

Cold weather increases chances of heart attacks, according to an article by the American Heart Association. Moreover, it can increase the likelihood of a clot as coldness causes narrowing of the blood vessels and higher blood viscosity. During hot weather, sweating reduces water in the body and can make the blood concentrated. It is thus better to remain physically active in cold weather while avoiding over-exertion since the weather puts extra effort on the heart, and intake plenty of fluids in hot weather to reduce chances of a heart attack.

Joint pains

Aches in body joints are a commonly observed health issue in weather changes. Chronic pains are aggravated in cold and damp weathers. This can be a result of diminished physical activity which causes the joints to be stiff.

There are various other ailments which can be a result of weather change. Regular exercise and a good immunity can provide the best protection. For more health blogs visit our blog.


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