A Wake-Up Call for High Cholesterol

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There are many illnesses that give out no external symptoms during their early stages. High cholesterol is one such serious health issue that often goes undetected until late. Cholesterol is a type of lipid fat. It is a waxy substance that is produced by the liver for building good healthy cells.

Cholesterol moves around in the bloodstream by getting attached to proteins and creates molecules called lipoproteins.

There are primarily two types of lipoproteins:

  1. a) low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol
  2. b) high-density lipoproteins (HDL) or good cholesterol

LDL can develop into fatty deposits that can potentially restrict the blood flow to your arteries. LDL, if left untreated can lead to heart attack and heart stroke.

But here's some great news; adopting a healthy lifestyle can eliminate more than half of your illnesses. Likewise, even if you are detected with high cholesterol medical condition, making positive lifestyle changes can effectively lower your cholesterol levels

How to lower cholesterol?

  • Protect your Heart, Eat Healthy

Changes in your daily diet can eventually reduce unhealthy cholesterol build-up and strengthen your heart. Avoiding saturated fatty foods can reduce low-density lipoprotein or LDL. Similarly, elimination of trans fats and including foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, soluble fibres, and whey protein can also be beneficial.

  • Exercise, Be Active

Any physical activity done on a regular basis can improve cholesterol. It helps to raise HDL or high-density lipoprotein in your body. You must exercise at least half an hour every day. Activities such as brisk walking, bike riding, or playing any sport can also do the trick.

  • No Smoking

Quit the bad habit of smoking to increase your good cholesterol. Just 3 months of smoke-free lifestyle can drastically improve your lung function and overall blood circulation. And a year of cigarette quitting can do wonders for eliminating the risk of stroke or heart attacks.

  • Losing Weight

Did you know that obesity is one of the major causes of high cholesterol? Say no to sugar-laden beverages, sherbets, chocolates, and candies. Maintain moderate diet control and increase your standing activities to lose unwanted body fats.

  • Limit your Alcohol Intake

According to medical experts, drinking alcohol in moderation is passable, and can be associated with less risk of contracting lower atherosclerosis due to an increase in HDL cholesterol level. You can have one or two drinks daily, according to your health and fitness.

How to lower cholesterol and triglycerides?

Cholesterol and triglycerides, both are different kinds of lipids found in the bloodstream. While triglycerides supplies energy to the body and stores unused calories, cholesterol is used to build-up hormones and cell growth.

You can lower cholesterol as well as the triglycerides level by eating foods containing mono fats and polyunsaturated fats, consuming fruits, green veggies and going on a diet that includes low-fat dairy foodstuff. To control bad cholesterol, you need to avoid refined sugar, saturated fats along with trans-fats.

How to lower cholesterol and blood pressure?

When your cholesterol is low, your blood pressure automatically lowers up to 11 mm-Hg. Experts recommend eating a balanced and healthy diet, such as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH diet.

Reduce Cholesterol in 30 Days:

As discussed earlier, it is indeed possible to improve cholesterol levels by making the correct lifestyle changes. All things that reduce the LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol in the blood can significantly reduce your risk of developing heart ailments.

Let us study some easy tips to get rid of bad cholesterol:

  • Consume supplements to lower cholesterol such as phytosterols, soy protein, psyllium husk after consulting a reputed local doctor.
  • Eat oatmeal, barley, fresh garlic, beans, peas, lentils, herbs, flax-seeds, apples, and almonds.
  • Regular walking is the best exercise to lower cholesterol and prevent many diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery illness, arthritis, and hypertension.


How can I lower my cholesterol naturally?

You can reduce cholesterol without medication in a natural way. Just focus on making proper dietary changes (heart-healthy diet) along with exercises. You can also try alternative medicines.

How long does it take to lower cholesterol?

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, it can surely make a difference and help lower your high cholesterol level faster. Cardiologist at the famous NYU Langone Medical Centre, Dr. Eugenia feels that you can reduce your cholesterol level at least by 20 percent within a period of three months.

What is the best drink to lower cholesterol?

Apart from water, you can have green tea and pomegranate juice to reduce LDL cholesterol.

What food should you avoid if you have high cholesterol?

You should basically avoid eating too many eggs, cheese, organ meats, sardines, shellfish, full-fat yoghurt, fried foods, fast foods, processed meats, and desserts.

How to lower cholesterol quickly for a blood test?

There are many variables and factors that need to be addressed for deciding the time period it takes to reduce your cholesterol level. This can be done through disciplined dietary and lifestyle changes. It also depends on your medical history and whether you are under prescription medications by your doctor. You also have to plan a low-cholesterol diet and training routine two months prior to going for the blood test.

Don't let high cholesterol catch you unawares. It is advisable that every 5 years, you get your cholesterol level measured. Doctors may suggest a lipoprotein profile test in addition to complete physical examination and ECG testing.



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