Addressing Ureter Disorders & Blockages

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2022-01-30

Ureters are tubes that carry urine from your kidney to the urinary bladder. There are two ureters in the human body, one for each kidney. They are a part of the human urinary system. Ureter function involves carrying the urine fluid from the kidneys through contractions that force the urine to pass from the kidneys into the urinary bladder. 

Ureter Disorders 

  • The congenital condition develops when two ureters are formed on the same kidney
  • Ureteropelvic junction obstruction happens when there is a blockage in the link between the ureter and the kidney
  • Ureterovesical junction obstruction occurs when the link joining the ureter and urinary bladder is blocked 

All these disorders block the passage of urine and cause kidney inflammation due to infection. They may also cause kidney stones and loss of renal function. 

Define Ureteral Obstruction 

It is a blockage found in one or both the ureter tubes that carry fluid waste from the kidneys to the urinary bladder. The condition is treatable but when not treated on time, the symptoms could quickly accelerate leading to pain, fever, and severe infection. The patient can suffer from affected kidney, loss of its function, sepsis, and even death. Although ureteral obstruction is a common health condition, its complications can be severe when left untreated. 

Urinary Tract Obstruction Symptoms 

  • Pain felt in the lower back and abdomen areas
  • Fever accompanied by nausea
  • Finding it difficult to urinate or empty the bladder
  • Frequent urination 
  • Recurring episodes of urinary tract infections 
  • Urine color is bloody or cloudy 
  • Swelling in the legs 

Ureter Problem Treatment in Dubai 

The treatment is aimed at removing the blockages or bypassing them. Damage repair procedure includes intake of antibiotics to clear all the infections and stabilize the kidneys. Treatment measures also include the use of a ureteral stent to keep the ureter open. Draining the kidneys through the percutaneous nephrostomy procedure is another way to treat blockages. Using a catheter to connect the urinary bladder to an outer drainage bag can also offer considerable relief. 

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