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Posted on Healthcare By Dr. Walid Abdalla - FRCS, M.D - Published on 2017-02-16

We always hear about the artificial eyes, it may not mean much for most of us, but it means a lot for those who suffered from injuries or diseases in one eye and missed not only their vision but also they lost the normal shape and size of their eyes, which exposes them for embarrassment and may lead them to lose their self-confidence.

New techniques found the treatment to solve this problem by designing an eye with same specifications of a natural eye, by taking the normal eye print and designing the same degree of eye whiteness, same degree of the other eye color, especially the brown, black and blue eyes color can be the same degree of the other eye color.
The artificial eye can be used during sleeping or during and any kind of exercising even the heavy ones.

In many cases the installation of the artificial eye may not require a surgical intervention, if the size of the affected eye fits. In other cases it may require a surgical intervention for the preparation of the eye socket for the artificial eye. Moreover, the movement of the artificial eyes usually cannot be noticeable by others. Finally, artificial eyes creates a magical solution for people who really need to interact with the society and live their life normally.


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Dr. Walid Abdalla - FRCS, M.D

Dr. Walid Abdalla is a member of the International Council of Ophthalmology, Cambridge UK. In 2004, Dr. Abdalla completed his fellowship at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon in Glasgow, UK. Dr. Abdalla treats pediatric ophthalmology, squint and oculoplasty. He received his training fellowship from Limoges University in France from 2007-2008, then obtained his fellowship training from Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida, ranked as the no.1 Ophthalmic Institute over the last 5 years in the USA. Dr. Walid worked in Magrabi Eye Hospital and leading ophthalmic chains in the Middle East, including Jeddah, KSA, Cairo as an Ophthalmic Specialist and in Muscat, Oman as an Ophthalmic Consultant & Chief of Department.

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