Behavioral Therapy For Treating Mental Health Disorders

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Behavioral therapy can be interpreted as a blanket term for all types of therapies that are used to treat mental health issues. Under this, mental health professionals strive to identify different mental afflictions and offer treatment to change destructive, unhealthy, or harmful behavior and thoughts of patients. It mainly functions on the belief that all kinds of behaviors can be altered or changed. 

Types of Behavioral Therapy 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – A popular therapy that is centered around inner beliefs and thoughts that subtly influence your moods and actions. It lays focus on a patient's current problems and finding suitable solutions. CBT long-term plan aims at altering the thought patterns and behavior of patients into positive ones. 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy – As the name suggests, this is a classic behavioral therapy for kids. When a child plays during the therapy sessions, it helps therapists gain critical insight into the child's mind through his expressions and general behavior. Children may use toys, draw, or design scenes in a play sandbox during the session. 
  • System Desensitization – This special therapy can be useful to treat patients suffering from phobias. They are taught relaxation responses whenever they experience a phobia. Therapist doctors in Dubai teach breathing techniques and relaxation methods to the patients. 
  • Aversion Therapy – Mental health experts and therapists treat issues such as alcoholism and drug addiction with aversion therapy. The patients are taught to link their addiction with an unpleasant stimulus to have the desired effect. 

Behavioral therapy steps include:

  1. Identifying the issue
  2. Employing behavioral techniques 
  3. Implementing a good plan for the change to occur 
  4. Assessing the progress and continuing the process to prevent relapse. 

Seeking Professional Help

Finding the help you desperately need may not be easy. Online platform DoctorUna can be your best option to get all the help you need to address mental health issues. You can book an appointment for a behavioral therapy near you through us at DoctorUna. With our guidance, you can choose face-to-face therapy or online consultation with the behavioral therapist in Dubai


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