Brachial Plexus Minor & Major Injuries

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Brachial plexus is a collective term for a network of cervical and thoracic nerves that are found in the shoulder area. These nerves help sensory signals pass from the spinal cord to your arms and hands. Injuries related to the brachial plexus may arise from accidents or trauma to the neck region. The injury can cause severe pain, numbness, and fragility in the arms and hands. 

You can suffer from acute brachial plexus injuries that involve a vehicular accident. A bad injury can paralyze your arm and you may need surgery to restore the arm function. 

Causes of Brachial Plexus Injuries 

  • Sportsmen playing contact sports 
  • Newborns can develop such injuries due to difficult birth (breech position or prolonged labor) 
  • Individuals who have met with accidental trauma include bullet wounds and vehicular mishaps.
  • People detected with cancer or tumors and undergoing radiation treatments. 

Typical Symptoms of Brachial Plexus Injuries

The common signs of a brachial plexus injury depend on the gravity of the injury and the exact location. In most cases, only one arm is injured and affected. Minor injuries can stem from sports activities such as wrestling, volleyball, or football. They are defined as stingers and produce symptoms like a burning sensation that shoots down your arm. The shock-like feeling can be followed by numbness in that area. 

Grave Injuries 

Serious injuries can tear and rupture nerves. Some nerve roots can be torn or uprooted from the spinal cord. Symptoms such as inability to move specific muscles in your shoulder or arm, total lack of movement in your arm, or lack of feeling in the shoulder area accompanied by acute pain. 

When to fix a doctor's appointment?

To prevent these injuries from causing permanent disabilities, it is important to get an expert opinion of a specialist. You can make an appointment with the best brachial plexus specialist in Dubai. Even if the symptoms are minor, you may need proper medical care and attention. Seek a doctor if you have recurrent burners, neck pain, constant weakness in one or both arms, or numbness in one or both arms. 

Brachial Plexus Injury Treatment & Care 

You can get treatment in the best city hospitals including the German Neuroscience Center in Dubai. Treatment can vary according to the severity of the damage to the brachial plexus. Medicine for brachial plexus injuries in the UAE may include painkillers. The doctor may set you up for physical therapy sessions to work out the joints and muscles. He can also recommend surgery to repair the nerves. Nerve tissue grows in a slow phase and you may have to wait for many years to gain 100% benefit from the surgery. Post-surgery, doctors may order a set of exercises and the addition of splints for faster recovery chances. 

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