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5 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Posted on Healthcare By Utsavi Bokil
Published on 2015-02-19

Alopecia, the technical name for baldness is one of the most commonly faced hair problems. There are various factors which contribute to hair fall. The most common ones being sudden weight loss, lack of iron and proteins, scalp infection, hereditary,

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A Focus on Diverticular Disease

Posted on Healthcare By Dr. Matthew Tytherleigh - FRCS
Published on 2015-01-22

COLORECTAL DISEASE AWARENESS SERIES What is diverticular disease? “Diverticulum" is the name given to a small pouch which bulges out from any hollow structure in the body. “Diverticula" is the plural form of diverticulum and is used when there is

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Tears: A Blessing or a Curse?

Posted on Healthcare By Dr. Walid Abdalla - FRCS, M.D
Published on 2015-01-20

Tears are not only for expressing different human emotions, but also important for continuous washing, moisturising, and easing eye lid movement. But what about excessive tearing or the overflow of tears? When the eye becomes too watery this is a

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10 Top Health Tips in 2015 with Immediate Benefits

Posted on Healthcare By Dr. Nigel Beejay
Published on 2015-01-12

We often make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year. We have good intentions but in many cases our intentions are not achievable. For example, I might set myself the task of losing 5 kilograms in one month, or

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Allergy in Children

Posted on Healthcare By Dr. Nigel Beejay
Published on 2015-01-06

Childhood Allergies are Increasing – What Can I do? Many theories have been proposed to explain the rise in childhood allergies over the last 20 years.  The most popular of these is the hygiene hypothesis; suggesting that our immune systems

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Tips Before Having a Rhinoplasty

Posted on Healthcare By Prof. Dr. Wael Sakr- MSc , MBBCh , M.D.
Published on 2014-12-25

A lot of people resort to having a Rhinoplasty (nose job) for different reasons, whether because of a trauma to the nose or a congenital deformity. Prof.Dr.Wael Sakr, consultant Plastic Surgeon at Beni Seuf University, points three reasons why people

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