Heart Beats Better With Regular Workouts!

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna
Published on 2019-10-14

Do you know that your heart acts as a human pump machine and is no bigger than the size of your fist? It is a muscular organ that works tirelessly to perform the important function of pumping blood in your body. The heart muscle tissues are also known as cardiac tissues. 

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Spine Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Posted on Healthcare By Prof. Dr. Erich Ringelstein
Published on 2019-09-25

The spine is one of the most essential structures in the human body. It is divided into three sections the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions. The spine or backbone serves as a support system for the body’s weight and protection for the spinal cord. Besides the natural ‘S’ curve of the backbone which helps it to endure great extents of stress

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Not All Chest Pains Prove to be Fatal!

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna
Published on 2019-09-23

It's a cold winter night and you are having mild chest pain. And like everyone else, if you think that it is a red alert sign of a heart attack, you may be off track and very wrong! Not all chest pain can lead to a heart attack or heart failure. Pain in the chest can also be linked to other body organs like the lungs, diaphragm or liver. 


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Do You Know Why Women Forget To Show Appreciation To Themselves ?

Posted on Healthcare By Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal
Published on 2019-09-18

Today, everything we do, we expect it to be par excellence. Anything less just doesn’t cut it for us; be it office work, the multiple roles we play, our looks, our weight, the party that we want to host. It all has to be perfect! We run behind perfection in order to feel “good enough”, capable, worthy. Unfortunately , the concept of “perfectionism”, is like a mirage, a distant shiny image of something, we believe we need in order to survive. The more you run towards it, the further it moves away, you are always chasing it.

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Do Not Get Beaten by a Racing Heart!

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna
Published on 2019-09-10

Does your heart beat faster, possibly more than 100 times for every single minute?  Do you feel light-headed or become breathless after a brisk walk? Be warned, they could be red alert signs of a heart condition known as tachycardia.


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Identify The Stroke Signs, Act FAST!

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna
Published on 2019-09-05

Are you confused between the difference of a heart attack and a heart stroke? To begin with, a stroke is primarily connected to the brain or the nervous system. A stroke is a serious form of brain attack wherein the vital blood flow and oxygen going towards the brain is cut off. It occurs when a blood vessel that feeds the brain becomes clogged or bursts. 


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