Child Mental Health – Not All Wounds Are Visible

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Do you know that one in every ten children suffers from mild to serious mental health issues? Mental health problems can include anxiety, depression, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), eating disorders, and mood disorders to name a few. These symptoms are very often linked directly to their living conditions.  

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders

Let us study some of the symptoms of mental health disorders faced by children and young adults:

  • GAD – Generalised anxiety disorder in children can be detected when they are stressed due to some particular reason. For example, many children experience separation anxiety when have to move away from a known locality and join a new school in an unknown place.
  • Depression – In these modern times, children are also known to suffer from a depressed state of mind such as adults. However, unlike adults, adolescents are unable to manage severe emotional tensions and frequently try to harm themselves.
  • Hyperactivity – Many kids are known to behave in an impulsive manner. They are generally termed as 'hyperactive kids'. Such children find it difficult to concentrate and always feel the need to be constantly engaged in some activity.  
  • Eating Disorders – In some cases, adolescent girls develop issues like bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating. These disorders may have grave consequences on their physical health.
  • PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when a child becomes a victim of severe physical or sexual abuse. It can also be caused if a child witnesses something traumatic or violent.
  • Autism – This health issue is characterized by development disorders that restrict normal mental growth of a child. It slows or delays the functional abilities of the central nervous system.

Child Mental Illness System Checker

There are many health clinics and online child-mental wellness sites that can help to study the mental health condition of your child. You just need to answer some queries related to your child's daily activities. The symptom checker investigates the answers to determine whether the kid has any psychiatric or mental disorders. Once you learn about the diagnostic results, you can contact a professional doctor and start a treatment procedure.

Child Mental Health Medication

Children and adolescents also need to be checked by a specialist mental health doctor before being given prescription drugs. Doctors alternate between providing medications and using talk therapy or counselling (psychiatric therapy) for children and teenagers.

Children's Mental Health Programs

There are various reputed healthcare centres and hospitals worldwide offering children's health programs that deal with mental issues and learning disabilities. Some provide family-centric clinical services related to mental health for children in the age group of 8 years to 18 years. There may be therapy program, training sessions and educative lessons planned out for the patients.  

The Intensive Outpatient Program in the UAE is specifically designed to provide day programme sessions for adolescents who suffer from some kind of mental affliction, wherein it is adversely affecting their daily lives. The six-week program is carefully chalked out, and the young patients are expected to attend at least 4 sessions per week. Later, parents of these adolescent children are also requested to attend the therapy sessions.

Child Disorders List

There are many types of mental disorders found in children and young adults. While most of them remain undetected and left untreated, some symptoms need to be addressed at the earliest.

Let us explore some of the mental, developmental and learning disorders that occur among kids of school-age

  • Hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism disorder
  • Conduct disorder
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Encopresis
  • Language disorder
  • Disruptive mood disorder
  • Mathematics disorders
  • Mental Retardation
  • Defiant disorder
  • Reading & writing disorder
  • Social communication disorder
  • Stuttering
  • Eating disorder
  • Tourette's disorder
  • Stereotypic movement disorder

Mental Health in Children Statistics

According to reports, on a global ratio, 10 to 20 percent of children and adolescents endure some form of child-related mental disorders. Almost half of the mental illnesses begin to surface at the age of 14 years. Medical experts feel that neuropsychiatric conditions are the primary factors that cause mental disabilities in children and adolescents.

They can negatively influence the child's all-round development and their future potential to live productive and happy lives. Kids with mental disorders are challenged by society and have to face stigma, alienation and cruel discrimination. Some kids even lack access to basic health care and proper education. Children with mental disorders struggle to lead normal lives and in many cases, they are even denied fundamental human rights by society.    


How would you know if your child is mentally ill?

Some of the red warning signs that your child may be suffering from poor mental health state include constant mood changes, extreme behaviour changes, difficulty in concentrating, unexplained weight loss, the habit of self-harm, and indulging in substance abuse to name a few.

What causes mental illness in kids?

Research suggests that most mental disorders are caused due to a combination of several underlying factors that include genetic or hereditary conditions, psychological trauma, head trauma, and environmental stress.

What does every child need for good mental health?

Every child needs a loving and healthy living home environment for normal intellectual development. Moreover, they also require positive encouragement and solid emotional connect with their immediate family and friends. This helps the all-round development of the child (mentally, physically, socially and emotionally).


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