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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-11-16

The world is in the grip of a deadly virus Covid-19. While some countries are showing signs of recovery with declining cases, some nations are struggling to stop the rampant widespread cases, world citizens are learning to live amidst lockdown conditions. 

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) declared that on 8th November 2020, almost 154,882 Covid-19 tests were conducted using reliable medical testing devices. The Ministry spokesperson further commented that nationwide testing is the best way for early detection and treatment. The total number of cases in the Arab nation was 142,143 (8th November 2020 statistics). The good news is that fewer Coronavirus deaths have been reported for the past few days. 

Contracting Novel Coronavirus can be a scary and tiring experience, especially if you are also dealing with underlying health issues. However, not every Covid-19 patient needs a hospital stay. With the passage of time, millions of Covid-19 patients worldwide are opting to stay at home and recover. You just have to be confident and maintain online communication with your doctor to manage your symptoms at home. 

Different Types of Covid-19 Symptoms 

An asymptomatic patient is infected with the virus but does not develop symptoms during the course of the infection. A pre-symptomatic patient is an infected person but does not develop symptoms immediately and goes on to develop the symptoms after some time. The Covid-19 virus attacks people in many different ways. Most of the infected people may slowly develop mild or moderate symptoms and easily recover without the need to get hospitalized. 

Common Symptoms are:

  • Dry cough
  • Mild to high fever
  • Extreme fatigue 

Less Common Symptoms are:

  • Mild sore throat 
  • Body aches 
  • Headache 
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye irritations 
  • Total or partial loss of taste and smell 
  • Skin rashes or discoloration seen in the fingers or toes 

Grave Symptoms 

  • Difficulty in breathing or acute shortness of breath 
  • Mild chest pain 
  • Loss of movement 
  • Loss of speech 

You should seek immediate medical intervention if you experience serious symptoms. You can call and fix an appointment with your doctor or visit the nearest healthcare center in Dubai. And all those with mild symptoms should rest at home to manage the viral infection. 

Web MD medical experts suggest that shortness of breath should not be taken lightly, and if the condition is worsening after 7 or 8 days, the patient needs to be admitted into a hospital. Anosmia, or the loss of smell and ageusia, loss of taste, these two are the newest tell-tale signs of Covid-19. 

Home Care Tips for Treating Covid-19 at Home 

If you have contracted novel coronavirus or Covid-19 and have opted for home care, then you should be aware of the things you may need to stop the spread and remain in isolation. You should also know when to call for emergency medical care and manage your stress levels. 

  • Most individuals infected with Covid-19 have mild illness and slowly recover at home.
  • Symptoms may last for a week and patients will start feeling better
  • Treatment is given to relieve the symptoms 
  • Doctors may suggest complete rest, intake of fluids, and take pain relievers 
  • Talk to the doctor via online telephone appointment to clear your queries 
  • Try to remain in one place at home, use a separate bedroom and bathroom
  • Use a tissue while coughing or sneezing
  • Always wear a mask (if it is comfortable) 
  • Keep washing your hands at regular intervals 
  • Do not share your eating utensils, towels, handkerchiefs, or bedding with anyone
  • Keep cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces such as tabletops, counters, and doorknobs.

Following your doctor's instructions and caring for yourself or your loved one at home isolation can be the best way to tackle the pandemic situation. While caring for the sick, you can help your loved ones by getting groceries, medications, and taking care of their pets. 

It is advisable to consider your health and make it a priority while caring for a sick person. If you are a senior citizen or if you have a chronic medication illness such as diabetes or heart disease, there is a potential risk of you getting infected with serious symptoms. In such a scenario, you can isolate yourself from the infected patient on home care and find someone else to provide proper care to the patient.


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