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A psychiatrist is a specialist doctor having completed 4 years of medical school certification (M.D) and an additional 4 years of psychiatry residency. Psychiatrists deal with mental health issues, they help prevent, diagnose, and treat mental, behavioral, and psychic disorders by using psychotherapy, medications, and neuromodulation technology. 

What do psychiatrists do?

The field of psychiatry encompasses the study and treatment of human mental problems. Psychiatrists conduct a detailed examination to diagnose and treat various mental and emotional aspects of varied psychological conditions. Mental illnesses such as chronic anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress affliction, depression, severe bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, compulsive disorders come under psychiatry scrutiny. 

The psychiatrists doctors in Dubai will prescribe oral medications or suggest other forms of curative measures only after evaluating the patients and conducting proper diagnosis. 

Evaluation Process:

  • Asking verbal queries about the patient's mental or physical symptoms 
  • Preparing the patient for a physical exam, laboratory tests, and psychological assessment. 
  • Mental health professionals may often refer to the Diagnostic Manual published by the APA or American Psychiatric Association 

Different Classes of Mental Illness:

  • Schizophrenia spectrum
  • Bipolar disorders 
  • Trauma-related anxiety disorders 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders 
  • Depression disorders 
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual dysfunctions and disorders
  • Gender-related dysphoria 
  • Substance abuse and addiction-related disorders
  • Personality disorders

Causes of Mental Disorders 

Mental health issues may arise from numerous causes. Mental afflictions can also be caused by a combination of complicated factors.

Let us explore some of the factors that could potentially lead to poor mental health:

  • Social isolation and loneliness – There is evidence that suggests that social isolation can adversely affect your health. It can induce other health symptoms including insomnia, depression, cognitive decline, vitiated executive function and compromised immunity. 
  • Social discrimination and stigma – Stigma and social discrimination can trap many people in a visions cycle of mental illness. They may have to deal with depression and lack of self-worth. Common social stigmas related to race, culture, gender, age, or health can lead to a poor mental health condition. 
  • Disadvantages like poverty and financial liabilities – Early life poverty can have a depleting impact on the mental health of an individual. Depression, anxiety disorders, abnormal behavioral patterns, and attention-related disorders can be the result of poverty experienced in childhood. Likewise, poverty in adulthood can be linked to complex psychotic disorders such as anxiety, distress, low self-esteem, and even suicide. 
  • Childhood trauma such as emotional or physical abuse – A plethora of mental (somatic and psychological) symptoms can be linked with childhood abuse. From anxiety disorders, chronic pain, depression, sexual issues, to eating disorders can be the result of a traumatic and abusive childhood. These individuals can showcase risk-prone health behaviors involving drug abuse, smoking, and indulging in unsafe sex. 
  • Neglected or lonely childhood - `Some research studies suggest that neglect or loneliness can trigger mental health issues including sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and low self-worth. 
  • Chronic pain (long-term) – It can backtrack your life and put a stop to daily activities and functions at home and even at work. People with chronic pain have to deal with disturbed sleep, fatigue, lack of concentration, less appetite, and constant mood changes. 
  • Drugs or alcohol misuse – Alcoholic people and those on drugs can have a negative outlook and may suffer from terrible mood changes. Long-time drug users and alcoholics can exhibit serious mental health issues and spells of drug-originated psychosis. A drug user may try to harm himself or others if he doesn't manage to procure his daily drug dose. Some evidence suggests the use of cannabis can cause a psychotic disorder. 
  • Adult bullying or abuse – Bullied adolescents may have low self-esteem. They can be depressed, stress-prone, and feel ostracized by society. Bullied victims often display sudden spurts of violence or a general destructive attitude. Substance abuse and alcoholism can destroy their personal relationships, as they can potentially harm (physical or emotional abuse) their spouses, family, or kids. 
  • Losing loved ones (bereavement) – The loss of a family member, best friend, or a loved one can trigger mental illness and psychiatric disorders. Even people with no history of mental illness can suffer from one after the loss of a loved one. This has been proved by a research study at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. 

Physical causes such as serious head injury or any neurological condition can have a negative impact on a person's mood or behavior. Lifestyle features including your diet, work, exercise, and sleep patterns can also affect one's mental health. You may find a psychiatrist in Dubai, Karama, or Silicon Oasis for a treatment center close to your residence. 

Psychiatry Treatment 

The psychiatry treatment will depend on the specific type of mental affliction suffered by the individual and its nature of severity. In most cases, the patient could be put on a mixed combination of treatment remedies that can work best. Patients with mild mental problems including controlled symptoms can seek counsel and treatment from a primary care medical provider. A collective team approach can be ideal to make sure all the medical, social, and psychiatric needs of the patient are met. This approach can benefit individuals suffering from mental diseases like schizophrenia. You can request Indian or Pakistani psychiatrists in Dubai according to your preference. Psychiatrist in Dubai price depends on the clinic or hospital, it can be around DH 300 to DH 600 for consultation with a certified psychiatrist. 

Patient Treatment Team & Plan 

  • Family physician or primary care specialist
  • Practitioner nurse 
  • Assistant doctor 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Psychotherapist (licensed counselor) 
  • Pharmacy Shop Owner 
  • Local social worker 
  • Close family members 

Oral and Intravenous Medications 

Medications for mental illnesses are not known to cure the symptoms, although the patients can experience significant improvement. Medications can also support other curative measures such as psychotherapy. Doctors can decide the medications that suit the patient depending on his case, symptoms, and immune response to the medicines. 

Popular psychiatric prescription medications include:

  • Antidepressants – These medicines are used for treating depression and anxiety. Antidepressants can help dispel the feeling of sadness, hopelessness and bring about a positive change in the patient. Such medications are not addictive and patients do not become dependent on them. 
  • Anti-anxiety Medicines – The medical drugs can be effective against general anxiety disorders and panic disorders. One can experience short-term and long-term relief with these drugs. However, it is advisable to take these medicines as per the doctor's advice, as they could cause dependency if used for a long period. 
  • Mood Stabilizer Medicines – Bipolar disorders that involve complicated symptoms of alternative depression and mania can be partially cured with these mood stabilizers. Doctors may also recommend patients take mood stabilizers along with antidepressant drugs. 
  • Antipsychotic Medicines – Psychiatrists may recommend antipsychotic drugs to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorders. 

Talk Therapy or Psychotherapy 

This involves speaking to the patient about his condition and related problems. The communication could be between a mental health professional and a patient. During the session, the patient may learn more about his condition, his moods, thought process, feelings, and behavioral patterns. Once he gains real insight and awareness about his mental issues, he can learn to cope up and manage his stress levels. 

There are different kinds of psychotherapy and each one has something to offer to improve patients' well-being. The session can be completed within a few months or a year. It depends upon the type of treatment needed by each patient. The sessions can involve one-on-one talks, group talks, or talks alongside family members. 

As a patient, you may choose a therapist or a psychiatrist near your place. You should book an appointment only when you are truly comfortable with the specialist, that he/she may listen and hear you clearly. For instance, you can contact a female psychiatrist in Dubai for the same reason. Your therapist must be able to understand your life journey that has made you what you are today! 

Brain Stimulants 

Brain stimulation treatment involves electroconvulsive therapy, magnetic transcranial stimulation, nerve stimulation, and deep brain stimulation procedures. Such stimulation treatments are commonly conducted for various mental health disorders. Reputed Filipino or Indian psychiatrists in Dubai can guide you towards such treatments. 

Hospital & Home Treatment Programs 

Mentally ill patients sometimes have to be put in a psychiatric hospital for proper care and safety. In such places, the patient does not pose a danger to himself or others. 24-hour inpatient care units, partial, or one-day hospitalization arrangements can be made in a psychiatric hospital. Residential treatment and additional options such as intensive outpatient treatment can also be reasoned by doctors. You can seek a Psychiatrist in Dubai NMC or some other reputed hospital depending on your place of stay. 

The Role of DoctorUna in Finding the Most-Reviewed Specialist Psychiatrists in UAE 

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