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Dubai is one of the most diverse cities in the UAE. It has many facilities for the people residing and visiting as tourists. Cupping therapy in Dubai is one of the easily available services for everyone. Cupping is also known as hijama, a term commonly used in the region. People love doing the hijama in Dubai which makes it one of the attractions in Dubai.

What is cupping?

Cupping or Hijama has received a lot of attention in the last few years. It is an ancient Chinese method to cure different kinds of illnesses. The practice is done in almost all parts of the world. Cupping therapy in Dubai has become common practice for visitors in Dubai. Hijama in Dubai is done at several Hijama centers in Dubai. This ancient therapy has proven itself to be very effective, this is the reason cupping in Dubai is very popular.

How does Cupping Work? 

Cupping as suggested by names is a therapy done with the help of cups. Hot cups are used to create suction on the skin. The skin is pulled upwards in the cups and this suction helps cure the illness. This procedure might be a little uncomfortable for first-timers but it has good effects on health. Here are a few details on how the procedure is done.

  •       Cups are kept warm through special equipment.
  •       These warm cups are placed on the surface of the skin.
  •       The suction is created in the cups and skin is sucked upwards in the cups.
  •       After some time, the cups are removed from the skin.
  •       This whole procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes.
  •       After cupping, bruises will be left on the skin.
  •       The bruises take a few days to go away from your skin.

Types of Cupping

Two major types of Cupping are performed all over the world and cupping in Dubai is done using these two types.

  • Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping or hijama is done using heated cups. The heated cups do their suction job and give the patient relief from the pain or illness.

  1. Wet Cupping

Wet cupping is a little more complicated than dry cupping. It involves some blood suction. This process is done in a very controlled environment and is completely safe.

Equipment Used in Cupping

In ancient times cupping was done with different equipment such as horns or animals. Hollow objects were used to perform the procedure. Nowadays, the equipment has changed. Most of the time, special cups made of glass are used in cupping. Sometimes cups made of rubber are also used in the procedure. Hijama in Dubai is mostly performed with these glass cups.

Benefits of Cupping

Cupping or Hijama has proven to be effective for many conditions. It is mostly popular for pain relief. Here are the conditions that cupping helps with:

  •       Migraine
  •       Depression/ Anxiety
  •       Facial Paralysis
  •       Skin Diseases
  •       Arthritis
  •       Fertility
  •       Acne
  •       Dyspnea/ Cough

All of these conditions are often cured by cupping or hijama and are very effective for pain relief and ensures good blood circulation in the body. Hijama center in Dubai provides help with all the above conditions including people who often have injuries due to sports. One of the most celebrated Olympians Michael Phelps was seen with hijama marks on his back during a swimming competition. People with fertility issues have also reported positive results through  cupping.

Side Effects of Cupping

Like any other procedure, cupping has some side effects too. These side effects are not adverse and sometimes can be avoided by using some precautions. There are instances where people feel nauseated and dizzy during the therapy. It is suggested to not have a meal right before the therapy to prevent any side effects.

Make sure you take the cupping therapy from a certified and reliable place. The use of sterilized equipment is very important to prevent the transmission of diseases. Wounds that are created during wet cupping normally heal in a few days, but they can cause infection if not well taken care of. People with any skin conditions should consult with a dermatologist if the bruises do not go away in a few days.

How to Prep for Cupping

Hijama in Dubai is easily available for the people who are looking for it. Here are some cases you should avoid cupping therapy.

  •       Children under 5 years old are not supposed to do Cupping Therapy.
  •       The skin of older people is also very fragile. They should consult with a dermatologist before taking the therapy.
  •       It is suggested for pregnant ladies to not get cupping done on the abdominal and lower back area.

Frequency of Cupping

It is an important question how frequently you can get cupping or hijama done. These sessions depend on your therapist and your conditions. Your therapist will advise you on how often you need it. In General,  cupping or hijama therapy done twice a week has proven to be safe.

Choose the best Hijama center in Dubai!

Hijama in Dubai is something that you should do if you are visiting. You can take free hijama in Dubai by signing up for a trial session and it is an experience that can relieve your pain. People with chronic illnesses also resort to cupping as it helps reduce the intensity of the disease. Just like we take precautions while doing anything around our health, cupping should also be done with all the above precautions. Always opt for a certified Hijama Centre in Dubai to avoid any issues.


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