Dedicate This October to Breast Cancer Awareness

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October is the global breast cancer awareness month. You can study, observe, and lend your support for creating more awareness about breast cancer. As we all know, early detection and medical care are of utmost significance for the successful treatment of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Statistics 2018- 2019

  • World – In the year 2019, it was estimated that almost 268, 600 new breast cancer cases (invasive) among women will be diagnosed worldwide. And there could be 2,670 new cases found in the men. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts 

The year 2020 has been a year of surprises and a reminder for all of us to take care of our health seriously. The world society has been engaged in facing health-related challenges and to protect the vulnerable. Likewise, only true support and educative campaigns can bring more awareness about breast cancer in our minds. 

To start with, breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the breast cells. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer that is diagnosed in women living in the United States. Support, research, and awareness for breast cancer have helped tremendously in initiating new pathways towards the diagnosis and remedial treatment for the disease. 

In present times, there is a significant increase in the survival rates and the number of deaths due to breast cancer is declining. Factors such as regular breast check-up, early detection, improved self-care, and a better understanding of the symptoms have contributed to the success rates. 

Increased Awareness by Conducting Breast Self-Exam 

  • A self-exam of the breasts usually means a close inspection of both your breasts done by yourself. 
  • To increase the awareness, you may stand before a full-length mirror and do close scrutiny of your breasts. 
  • You may also close your eyes and feel with your hands to find out any abnormal changes in size, shape, or feel of your breasts. 
  • If you notice any peculiar changes, you can discuss them with your general physician. 
  • Rest assured, most breast changes felt during a self-exam breast awareness routine may be normal and lead to benign causes. 
  • However, some of the changes (in one or both breasts) may signal the growth of cancerous cells. 

Medical experts recommend an examination by a medical specialist as an effective part of cancer screening. In nine out of ten cases, you may find that a woman who is familiar with her body can detect new changes in her breasts and duly report them to a doctor. 

Preparing for Breast Awareness by Breast Self-Examination 

Consult with your doctor in Dubai for a live demonstration or set of instructions to be followed while doing a self-exam. Also, choose a time of the month when your breasts are not very tender and your hormone levels are steady. The best time of the month for doing a self-exam for awareness can be the week after your monthly menstrual cycle ends. 

Breast Awareness – What is Normal & What is Not!

Finding some slight changes that occur every-time during the monthly menstrual cycle is normal. Finding a little change or a lump in one breast should not be a reason to get anxious. For instance, a ridge at the bottom of the breast is considered normal. Breasts can also change their size, appearance, and feel as you age. 

You need to contact a doctor only if you notice some glaring changes such as:

  • A hard knot-like lump close to your underarm
  • Feeling a profound fullness of the breast that is different from the normal breast shape and its surrounding tissue. 
  • Change in the appearance of a nipple that has become inverted instead of its normal sticking out position
  • Redness and swelling of a breast that persists 
  • Sudden itchiness, sores, rashes, or feeling pain in one breast 
  • Unnatural nipple discharge that looks bloody

Your physician may recommend supportive tests and other procedures to study or investigate the breast changes. A clinical examination of the breasts, mammograms, and special ultrasound tests can be conducted. 

Women in the age group of 30 to 50 need to perform self-exam and also get a medical check-up done once a year to raise breast awareness. As per the American Cancer Society reports, one in every eight women develops breast cancer at some point in their lives. To be aware of the symptoms at an early stage is crucial to becoming cancer-free. 


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