Dementia – Symptoms & Other Significant Changes

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-12-27

Dementia is a brain disorder that causes loss of memory, changes in personality, confused or unclear thinking, and language issues. It is a long-term condition that interferes with your daily life. Alzheimer's disease is a classic and common form of dementia. 

Dementia Symptoms & Changes 

Cognitive Changes include the following:

  • Noticeable loss of memory
  • Difficulty in communicating 
  • Loss of spatial abilities
  • Difficulty in problem-solving
  • Difficulty in performing complex tasks 
  • Impaired motor functions 
  • Feeling confused and disorientated 

Psychological changes include the following:

  • Change in personality 
  • Feeling anxious and agitated
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling of paranoia
  • Having hallucinations 

Dementia Causes 

Dementia is mainly caused due to severe damage to the nerve cells and their connective tissues in the brain. Dementia conditions may affect different people in different ways. Progressive dementia cannot be reversed. Alzheimer's disease is one such progressive cause of dementia. Other progressive types of dementia include vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body dementia, and mixed dementia. 

Reversible Dementia 

Some forms of dementia can be reversed with medical treatment. These include dementia symptoms that are caused by infections and low immunity. People with metabolic issues and endocrine abnormalities can also have dementia-like symptoms, which can be treated. Other dementia-like symptoms such as medication side-effects, nutritional deficiencies, subdural hematomas, and enlarged ventricles brain condition can be successfully treated and cured. You can visit a reputed neurology clinic in Dubai to get the best diagnostic care and treatment. 

Prevention Steps That Could Make a Difference 

Some of the prevention measures that can help such as keeping your mind active, being physically active, getting good doses of vitamins, quitting bad habits like smoking, managing cardiovascular health, keeping your blood pressure under control, healthy dietary habits, getting quality sleep, and getting treated for hearing loss problems. 

Dementia Diagnosis

Cognitive and neuropsychological examinations, neurological evaluation, psychiatric evaluation, brain scans, and laboratory tests are some of the diagnostic options provided by top-rated neurologists in Dubai. You may visit the reputed German Neuroscience Center or GNC Dubai for conducting detailed testing. 

Dementia Treatment

Most symptoms of dementia can only be managed with the help of medicines and therapies. Non-drug approaches include occupational therapy, making the environment more positive, and breaking down tasks into simpler steps. 

You can get medical assistance at DoctorUna, which provides access to thousands of UAE patients and helps better management of doctor appointments and rescheduling. Dementia treatment in Dubai can be well-managed by DoctorUna customer support that offers the best medical care at the most established neurology clinics and hospitals in Dubai. 


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