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Are you feeling hopeless and sad? Is stress putting a damper on your daily life? Have you detected disheartening changes in your behaviour off-late? Well, the symptoms can be linked to depression and anxiety.

Depression is a mental health-related disorder that can be identified by persistent unhappy mood and loss of interest in conducting day-to-day activities. Anxiety is also a mental health issue characterized by emotions such as feeling anxious, worried or fearful.

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

The relevant signs of depression include:

  • Feeling sad, emotionally drained or broody
  • Feeling worthless, guilty and helpless about a specific situation
  • Sensing decrease in the energy levels like extreme fatigue
  • Having memory lapses, difficulty in concentrating on any task
  • Experiencing loss of appetite or feeling guilty of overeating
  • Having suicidal thoughts
  • Being irritable and restless
  • Suffering from symptoms that do not improve with medical treatment like constant headaches, indigestion, and pain in the limbs

The general symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Insomnia
  • Uneasiness, reactions of dread, fear, and apprehension
  • Being fidgety and restless
  • Breathlessness and dry mouth
  • Tingling feeling in the hands and feet
  • Dryness in mouth and dizziness
  • Dizziness and nausea

Depression and Anxiety Test

Many online portals such as ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) have provided innovative options to combat depression such as taking a mental test (answering a set of queries) and sharing them with your doctor. You can even go for a 3-minute test or a depression quiz, prepared by a health specialist or clinic.

Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Somehow experts feel that anxiety and depression are two sides of one same coin. Depression leads to stress and likewise, anxiety also can make you feel depressed. But, you can still drive those blues away, so do not lose hope!

Let's discuss some treatment options for a dual cure:

Counselling therapy

A reputed professional therapist can help start a plan for treating both the problems simultaneously. For example, cognitive behavioural therapy is a very popular counselling therapy for treating depression and anxiety symptoms.

Medical Sources

You can ask your doctor to prescribe anti-depressants and other medical drugs to be taken orally. Depression and anxiety medications can have some mild side effects. Both the mental condition can be improved by psychotherapy as well as prescription medications.

Lifestyle Changes

Altering your sleep habits, planning a healthy diet, working on a hobby, becoming more social and quitting on addictive stuff such as alcohol and cigarettes can also aid in curing depression and anxiety. You can even read inspirational and encouraging quotes online to dispel the dark gloomy period with the shining light of hope!

Physical Exercises

Workouts and physical training can play a major role when you suffer from anxiety as well as depression. It helps to manage the symptoms. Simple things like jogging, running, walking, visiting scenic places or doing yoga can relieve the mind and body.

There are several online depression and anxiety journals that provide authentic information on all modern developments through case reports and medical articles. These journals contain data on case studies plus abnormal mood variations of an individual with depression and anxiety disorder.



  • What are symptoms of anxiety?

Some of the general symptoms of anxiety include fast heart rate, heavy sweating, nervousness, trembling, feeling weak, feelings of panic, fear or dread.


  • What to do when you are depressed?

Handling depression is not easy. It requires taking action so that you begin to feel better. Exercising, walking, and spending time outside can offer some respite. While dealing with depression may seem difficult, it is not an impossible task.


  • How do I get rid of anxiety for good?

Making simple lifestyle changes, planning a strategy, discussing with someone you trust, giving yourself a break, doing physical training and consulting a reputed therapist can help get rid of anxiety.


  • How to reduce depression and anxiety?

To reduce stress levels and feeling of depression, you have to gain power over your mind, body and action. Doing your best with a positive attitude, eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, taking deep breaths, doing regular exercises, and talking to a specialist are some of the best ways to beat anxiety and depression.


  • What is mixed anxiety?

Mixed anxiety is known as mixed anxiety depressive disorder (MADD) in medical terms. It is a diagnostic condition used to address patients who suffer from both anxiety and depression. These people display symptoms that show equal intensity in both cases, followed by involuntary actions or features.

It is quite natural to experience ups and downs in life, it is what makes us human. However, extreme negative emotions depicting anger, fear, hatred or distress are not normal. It can be an underlying sign of deteriorating mental health condition and should not be neglected.


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