Early Detection Through Lung Cancer Screening

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Scanning the lungs to detect the presence of cancerous cells in individuals who may be prone to developing lung cancer is known as lung cancer screening. This screening process is usually suggested for people who are addicted to cigarette smoking and do not display any symptoms of the disease. 

Lung cancer screening is performed by a trained technologist or radiologist using a low-dose computer-aided tomography that scans the lungs to seek signs of lung cancer. You can discuss with your pulmonologist or cancer specialist the sundry benefits and risk factors associated with lung cancer screening that is done using the LDCT process. 

Why is the screening done?

The primary aim of performing lung cancer screening in Dubai is to observe symptoms of lung cancer (if any) at an early stage. Cancer, when treated at an early stage can be cured. According to clinical studies, lung cancer screening can reduce the risk of fatality. 

Screening is necessary for the following individuals:

  • Heavy smokers – People who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day or former smokers (above the age of 50) with long years of smoking history behind them are offered lung cancer screening. 
  • Personal history of lung cancer – Individuals with lung cancer history or those who were under treatment for lung cancer (five years ago) can go for the screening.
  • Family history – COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can also be a risk factor that may lead to lung cancer. Similarly, individuals with a family history indicating lung cancer can also be at risk and may need screening. 

Preparing for LDCT Scan:

  • Informing the doctor about any present signs of respiratory tract infection, so that the scanning will be delayed for a month till the symptoms go away. 
  • Removing all metallic accessories that you may be wearing because metals can react or interfere with the scan imaging.
  • Wearing clothes without metal buttons or under-wire inner wear. You may be even asked to change into a special gown for scanning 

Scanned images are compiled and reviewed by a professional chest radiologist. The results may include the absence of any abnormalities, presence of lung nodules, presence of benign growth, or scars from previous infections. In some cases, results may recommend the need for another screening to be done in a few months. 

You may be referred to a lung specialist or pulmonologist in Dubai if one or two large nodules are detected in the result. The findings will be examined at length by your doctor and he may suggest the need for additional tests. Lung cancer screening can be done at the most recognized Kings College Hospital in Dubai or any other reputed health center. 

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