Faster Spreading New Covid19 Mutated Variants

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-05-17

The world is waking up to a grim scenario with reports of the new destructive coronavirus variants that are rapidly emerging in many countries. Scientists and medical researchers are working hard to learn and study about their spread, severity, and whether the Covid19 vaccines could offer good protection against these new deadly variants. 

What You Need to Know About The Variants

It is common knowledge that viruses change shape and keep mutating. Many new variants are formed, while some cease to exist, others persist. Health experts have documented several new variants of novel coronavirus recently. Covid19 has evolved from a large family of viruses known as coronavirus. These viruses have sharp crown-like spiky surfaces. Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists have noticed minor changes in the shape of the virus. Such genetic analysis and changes are said to affect the spread of the virus. 

Viruses continue to mutate and each time they replicate, minute errors are traced in these mutations.  The Covid19 virus has also mutated several thousand times since December 2019. Of all these variants, three types of new Covid variants have been found that spells trouble. These are the new variants that were found in South East England, Brazil, and South Africa. According to WHO or the World Health Organization, these variants have started circulating all around the globe. 

Precisely, new variants being monitored are; VOI or Variant of Interest, VOC or Variant of Concern, and VOHC or Variant of High Consequence. 

Countries Affected by New Variants

India's New Variant Cases 

The spike in Covid19 cases in India could possibly be due to the new 'double mutant' coronavirus variant found from the samples collected. This variant contains two mutations in one single virus, which means they are suspected to be more infectious and tougher than previous variants. 

A mutant virus can infect people already recovered from coronavirus and may also be able to escape the clutches of vaccines. However, the reinfection may be milder in people who are already vaccinated and those who have made full recovery from an earlier case of Covid19. 

Some health experts fear that new variants could penetrate the 'herd immunity' to get to the vulnerable people with low immunity and co-morbidity. Virologist Dr. Jameel further stated that the double variant cannot be fatally dangerous but more research and study needs to be done. 

New Variants in England & South Africa

As per British reports, the new variant found in January 2021 in England is known to be 40 percent deadlier than the other strains of Covid19. The BMJ journal stated that the new UK variant was almost 64 times more life-threatening than the pre-existing virus strains. 

The South African new variant can increase the risk to life for coronavirus-infected patients by around 20 percent. This was established after a research study conducted by WHO officials in the country. Due to the E84K mutation factor, vaccination seems to have little effect on the new South African strain. Nevertheless, scientists feel optimistic about the fact that the production of antibodies after a single dose of vaccination can help to fight the new virus strains. 

New Variant of Coronavirus in the UAE

The UAE health sector spokesperson, Dr. Farida Al Hosani assured UAE residents about the ready availability of Covid19 vaccines in the country. She further spoke about the importance of getting vaccinated to form a protective barrier against new mutated strains. 

Dr. Al Hosani clarified that the United Arab Emirates is one of the few countries that have provided free Covid19 vaccines to the entire UAE population. You can register yourself via online registration for the vaccine or visit the nearest health center or checkout doctors in Dubai to get the vaccination. The new variant of Covid19 symptoms includes lethargy, fatigue, giddiness, weakness, severe muscle, and body aches. 

Precautionary Measures 

  • Compulsory compliance to rigid public health control measures 
  • Getting vaccinated 
  • Maintaining physical distancing 
  • Compulsory use of masks 
  • Maintaining proper hygiene 
  • Isolation plus quarantine of infected people to limit the spread 

Health authorities in the UAE are providing free vaccination plans for all individuals above the age of sixteen so that every person develops antibodies to fight Covid19 strains. 


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