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The birth of a baby is a glorious occasion in the lives of parents. As a new parent, you may be eager and ready to keep your infant safe and healthy. It is quite normal to have doubts and confusion regarding your baby's well-being. Newborn checkups in Dubai are done to monitor the first few weeks of the baby for proper growth and development.

Well-Baby Exams

These exams are an essential part of a newborn's life. Well-baby exams help monitor a baby's overall growth process. It is also taken to check for any serious symptom indicating a major health condition. Regular newborn checkups also allow you to clear all your doubts and visit a trusted pediatrician in Dubai.     

First Month Checkups

When the baby is just a month old, doctors may order a visit to check the baby's weight and physical health. You could visit the American Hospital in Dubai or other reputed childcare centers.  

Pediatric Dermatologist 

During the first month of the baby, you may realize that the baby may have issues with their hair, nails, or skin. Skin conditions such as dermatitis and allergic reactions may have to be treated by the best pediatric dermatologist in Dubai. Dermatologists also treat varied kinds of pediatric skin problems using modern treatment tools.

Weight Measurement 

During the one-month baby checkup, the doctor will carefully measure the baby's height, weight, plot weight, and head circumference referring to a growth chart that shows the ideal measurements for boys and girls. 

Physical Examination 

The child doctor or pediatrician will check the baby's vital organs such as heart, lungs, joints, genitals, eyes, ears, mouth, nose. He will also notice and observe the baby's skin and general reflexes. Next on the checklist will be the shape of the infant's head and the fontanels to see if they are developing normally. The child specialist will examine the umbilical cord stump to see if it has fallen off. Well-baby exams are conducted every few weeks and then, every few months in the first year. According to the baby's health progression, the doctor may schedule the visits. 

FAQS Asked by the Doctor to the Parents

  • How are things going on with mother and baby?
  • Is the infant being breastfed or is he/she on formula?
  • How frequently is the infant being fed
  • What is the normal sleeping position of the baby?
  • How many diapers are being changed every day
  • How many times does the baby pee?
  • Does the baby have enough tummy time?
  • How is the mother feeling? Is she suffering from postpartum depression?

While your friends and well-wishers may suggest a pediatric clinic near your place, it is advisable to find the most reputed and certified pediatrician in Dubai. 

There are several renowned pediatric hospitals in Dubai. You can join DoctorUna online, via the mobile app or official website, to secure the best pediatrician in the UAE for the baby. Based on your choice of  American Hospital, a local pediatrician, or others, you can request to schedule an appointment with the doctor. 


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