How to Treat & Manage Childhood Asthma

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If your child gets stressed, tired, and weak due to breathing issues, it can be a trying situation for both the child as well as the parents. Children diagnosed with pediatric asthma or childhood asthma find it very tiresome and difficult to do even normal activities.  

Asthma in children is a disorder wherein the lungs and airways get inflamed due to cold or allergy. Although there is no definite cure for pediatric asthma, a pediatrician can help manage the symptoms and treat the illness to prevent further damage to a child's growing lungs. 

Childhood Asthma Symptoms 

  • A persistent or chronic cough that refuses to go away
  • Coughing spells during play hours, doing exercise, at night, during the cold season, while crying or laughing
  • Coughing tends to get worse when the child has a viral infection 
  • Feeling less energetic 
  • Trouble getting restful sleep due to coughing and breathing issues 
  • Abnormal rapid breathing 
  • Tightness in the chest 
  • Having wheezing problems, which is a whistling-like sound made while breathing
  • Retraction motions 
  • Feeling very weak and tired 
  • Difficulty in eating properly 

Causes of Asthma in Children 

  • All airway infections such as pneumonia. cold, and sinusitis 
  • Allergens caused by dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander, and cockroaches
  • Irritants caused by chemicals, polluted air, strong odors, smoke, and chilly cold air
  • Exercise that leads to tightening of the chest, wheezing, and coughing 
  • Anxiety or feeling stressed may trigger shortness of breath 
  • Respiratory tract infections 
  • GERD or gastroesophageal reflux 

Treatment Plan

The start of a treatment plan depends on the severity of an asthma attack. The primary goal is to minimize and control the recurring symptoms. 

The aim of the treatment should include:

  • To minimize the symptoms 
  • To reduce asthma flare-ups
  • No limitations to daily activities and exercise
  • Minimum usage of quick-relief methods such as Ventolin HFA, inhalers, and others 
  • Zero or minimal side effects from asthma medications 

Treatment also involves adopting preventive methods to offer relief to a child with an asthmatic attack in progress. For children who are very young below 3 years of age, the pulmonologist may use a wait and watch approach as medications could have side effects on young ones. 


How do doctors diagnose asthma in children?

Pediatric doctors in the UAE diagnose asthma through lung function tests, spirometry tests, bronchoprovocation tests, and allergy tests. The treatment procedure is determined only after proper testing. Doctors may prescribe long-term control medications or quick-relief medications. Finding a pediatric pulmonologist in Dubai is necessary if your child exhibits any of these symptoms that restrict their normal breathing.  

Does childhood asthma go away?

Experts believe that childhood asthma cannot be cured completely. Symptoms can be passed onto adulthood. However, with the right treatment, the symptoms can be managed and kept under control. Growing lungs must be protected from damage. 

Does coughing at night be a trigger for childhood asthma?

Yes, asthma symptoms can worsen at night time when the child is lying down. It can trigger coughing if the kid has sinusitis, blocked nose, or allergic cold. 

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