Is Vaccination The Ideal Protective Tool Against Diseases?

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-12-14

Since prehistoric times, mankind has learned to co-exist with nature. Humans have faced countless adverse situations, with extraordinary courage and strength, to emerge victorious. Even in the present precarious period, medical research scientists are working tirelessly to find curative measures against many deadly diseases. Two lethal outbreaks; Smallpox and Spanish flu could be successfully eradicated only after supportive vaccinations were developed. 

However, the significance of getting vaccinated against dangerous diseases may be debatable. From safety concerns to preconception towards modern medical remedies, world citizens are divided in their opinion concerning vaccination. 

What do you mean by Vaccination? 

In simple terms, a government certified vaccine aids your immune system and activates it to work against a specific illness without making you sick. Many kinds of grave infectious diseases could be effectively prevented by getting vaccinated. A vaccine contains a very weakened or dead version of a certain microbe. This helps your immune system to recognize and destroy or kill the same kind of microbes (if attacked) during a potential future infection. 


The recent pandemic concerning novel coronavirus or COVID19 is a serious respiratory tract infection. The symptoms of COVID19 can be easily confused with common flu. This viral infection that has affected millions of people worldwide and thousands of people in the UAE 

Reports claim that there is almost 92% recovery rate out of the total COVID19 cases in the UAE. 

According to news reports, the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that COVID19 vaccines will not be recommended by doctors for children, even when the vaccines become available.


Health specialists and scientific researchers all over the world are desperately trying to find a cure or a preventive vaccine against COVID19. Until then, mankind will have to abide by all the curfews, lock-downs, and restrictions to control its spread. 

Explore some primary reasons to get yourself vaccinated:

  • Good Health – Vaccines can help you remain healthy. Without regular vaccinations, you may be prone to various types of health conditions such as influenza, hepatitis B, and shingles to name a few. 
  • Stop the Spread – If you are vaccinated, you indirectly help in stopping the spread as you will no longer be a carrier of the disease. And you cannot pass the illness to others who are not vaccinated. 
  • Safe for All – It is a proven fact that there is no harm in getting vaccinated. It is perfectly safe as most viruses inside the vaccines are too weak to become active in the human body. 

Getting Your Baby Vaccinated in the UAE

You can visit your nearest public health clinic or center with all the necessary documents such as the birth certificate of the baby, the passport of the parents and the baby, Emirates ID, a photograph of the baby, and DEWA bill copy. The vaccination process may be offered free if you have a valid health card. 

Travel Vaccinations 

Recommended travel vaccinations before visiting the Arab country include routine vaccines such as Influenza, Polio, and Pneumonia. A vaccine is legally approved only after years of painstaking research, development, and meticulous testing. All these steps are necessary before any vaccine is released for public usage. The progress of a new vaccine is continuously monitored even after it is made available to the public. 


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