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Congrats, your tiny tot is a year old now! Very soon you will find the baby all over the house, taking baby steps and uttering the magic words 'mama' and 'dada'. As a caring parent, you may wonder what is next in the line of medical checkups. 

After 12 months, babies are usually reduced to drinking cow milk and eating other solid baby foods that are soft. Take care not to miss the 1-year checkup health visitation with a trusted pediatrician.  

What to expect during the 1-year checkup visit?

Your child specialist may probably perform the following medical procedure:

  • Check the toddler's overall growth; weight, height, and head circumference as per the growth chart
  • Ask questions about the baby's eating, pooping, and sleeping patterns
  • The doctor will also notice his mental and learning capacity and whether he utters some words to address his family members
  • If the baby stands alone without support and possibly is trying to take a few steps
  • Whether he recognizes when his name is called and enjoys a few peek-a-boo games 
  • Whether he tries to pick up and hold something with his thumb and forefinger
  • If he tries to feed himself with his little hands 
  • The doctor may order more tests (if needed) to check for diseases such as anemia, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. 

Baby Immunization 

The Pediatrician will do the physical examination in the presence of his parents or guardian. An update may be given on the baby's immunizations program and schedule. You can ask questions related to the infants' 1-year check-up vaccines. Immunizations are necessary to protect the child from grave illnesses and it is also important that the baby receives the vaccines on time. The 12-month child vaccination schedule in the UAE may vary from one child center to another. You may also ask your doctor about free vaccination programs for babies in Dubai.

12-month Checkup & Development-Related Questions to Ask the Doctor

  • What are some of the good toys meant for a 1-year-old baby?

The doctor may suggest building an activity table for your toddler. He can have a pushcart, stuffy soft toys, pull toys, stackers, musical toys, and sensory books. 

  • How can you help the baby learn?

You may buy him brightly colored toys, nesting toys, crayons to scribble, age-appropriate toys of people and animals, pegboards, and simple puzzles. Encourage your 1-year-old to play social games like hiding things and persuading him to find them. You can help him learn to say hello and bye-bye for developing his cognitive skills.   

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