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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-08-22

PFT or pulmonary function tests involve non-invasive procedures and testing to check the health of your lungs. The tests include measuring lung volume, gas exchange, lung capacity, and rate of airflow. A pulmonologist in Dubai can offer the proper diagnosis and determine the treatment method of specific lung disorders. 

There are mainly two types of lung disorders associated with inflow and outflow of air from the lungs:

  • Obstructive –  The air flowing from the lungs is obstructed and there is decreased airflow.
  • Restrictive – This is a case of lung tissue disorder or when the chest muscles are not able to expand properly. This can create airflow problems caused by lower lung capacity. 

How is the PFT done?

PFT is done by a professional pulmonary function technologist who is trained in performing special functional tests to diagnose lung diseases. PFT can be conducted via two methods as per the instructions of your pulmonologist doctor in Dubai

One method involves spirometry testing with the help of a tiny electronic machine that is connected to a mouthpiece. You can also opt for the second method called plethysmography testing that requires you to sit in an air-tight booth or box to do the tests. 

PFT Measurements 

Normal PFT values and measures may differ from one individual to another. The quantity of air inhaled and exhaled during the time of testing is examined and compared with the normal average of someone of the same age and height. If you have abnormal pulmonary function test measurement results, then the doctor may refer more tests. 

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