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Back pain can strike anyone. From little children, young adults, middle-aged people, to older citizens, any individual can develop the annoying symptoms of back pain. Health issues like lower back pain can affect the lumbar spine, spinal cord, nerves, back muscles, abdominal muscles, pelvic area, lumbar area,  or discs between the vertebrae.

Back pain is one of the leading causes for people to miss their work and visit a doctor. In a back pain related survey done in 2015, 62% of youngsters in UAE were known to suffer from some form of back pain. Even in 2019, spinal conditions such as herniated disc problems, disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, and degenerated disc problems are quite common.

Back Pain & Neck Pain Causes

Some common reasons for troublesome back pain and acute neck pain include muscle injury, overuse of muscles, lifting of heavy loads, and doing repetitive motions that stress the neck or back muscles. Other known causes of back or neck pain may indicate ruptured disks, arthritis, odd skeletal irregularities and compression fractures such as osteoporosis. You should search online for reliable back and neck pain doctor in Dubai.

Back Muscle Pain Causes

Back muscle and ligament strain can happen when you lift heavy objects or when you experience a sudden clumsy movement. A weak physical body can also strain the back causing agonizing muscle pain and spasm.

Lower Back Pain

You may suffer from low back pain all of a sudden or it may develop slowly over a period of time. Pain can be mild, bothersome, excruciating or extreme.

Let us look at some of the typical lower back pain symptoms:

  • A dull pain that is contained only to that area (lower back)
  • A burning kind of pain that keeps moving from low back to the legs or feet
  • Experiencing sciatica pain accompanied by numbness or stinging sensation
  • Muscular spasms in the lower back area, pelvis and near the hips
  • Pain that increases when you sit or stand too long

Back Pain Solution

It is essential to take preventive measures to relieve back pain symptoms. A person affected with back pain can try simple home back pain remedies to get profound relief. Most back pain episodes heal in a few weeks with proper self-care. If it does not improve within 1 or 2 weeks time, it is best to search for reputed back pain doctors near you. In some rare cases, the symptoms of back pain can turn into a grave medical condition.

You should seek a doctor immediately under the following condition:

  • Battling with new bladder and bowel issues
  • Back pain followed by fever
  • An accidental fall due to back pain
  • Pain that doesn't go away even after taking ample rest
  • Back pain that slowly spreads down to one or both the legs
  • Pain that awakens symptoms such as numbness or tingling in the legs
  • Back pain that occurs for the very first time in people who are over 50 years of age

Lower Back Pain Treatment

  • Take a break and rest for a few days to alleviate the pain symptoms.
  • Modify your actions and activities to suit the back problem.
  • Avoid positions that increase or aggravate the pain
  • Take heat or ice therapy after consulting your Dubai-based doctor
  • Take over-the-counter prescribed back pain medicines
  • Buy non-steroidal anti-inflammatory oral medication (NSAID) on doctor's advise
  • Do exercises for reducing lower back pain recommended by certified therapists
  • Buy back braces or back pain belt to reduce pain
  • Doctors may also prescribe epidural steroid injections
  • You can try other alternative and traditional treatment options such as acupuncture, oil massage therapy or mindful meditation

Physiotherapy and Back Pain Exercises

If you are leading a poor quality life due to constant back pain, you can adopt yoga and physio-recommended exercises to help reduce the pain and restore back strength. Some of the exercises include body stretching exercise, lying down knee rolls, lying down abdominal exercise, and pelvic tilts to name a few.

A reputed physiotherapist or spine doctor can help you plan an exercise program that is tailor-made to suit your back pain. An experienced trainer or instructor can visit your home to assist you while doing exercises.

Sciatica Treatment

There are many medications and remedies made available for sciatic pain. You can use oral medicines such as pain relievers, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, and high dose prescription pain tablets for chronic pain. Small children with back issues should be given only mild painkillers. Physical therapy also works wonders for sciatica treatment. In some painful cases, patients are injected with steroid medication at a precise space near the spinal nerve.

Back pains should never be neglected. If home treatment and self-medication do not reduce the pain, it is time to see a doctor. Make sure you get an appointment with a renowned clinic or specialist for back pain treatment in Dubai, UAE.



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