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New emerging cases of human monkeypox have been reported from as many as 20 countries worldwide. According to WHO or World Health Organization, nearly 200 cases have been identified so far. Monkeypox is said to have originated in African rodents and then transmitted to humans. Monkeypox cases outside African borders have been rare and restricted to infected travelers and imported rodents from Africa. 

What is the monkeypox virus?

It is a viral disease that causes pox-like growth or lesions on human skin. Monkeypox viral disease can be related to smallpox but the symptoms are not as dangerous or life-threatening as smallpox. The first monkeypox case was diagnosed in the year 1958. However, the first human monkeypox case happened in the year 1970. Monkeypox is caused by MPXV or the monkeypox virus. Most cases are known to have been transmitted from rodents to humans through direct contact. 

Monkeypox Virus Outbreak

Monkeypox disease is a contagious one. It can spread via human-to-human contact through the mucus droplets. Monkeypox virus outbreaks have now been reported outside Africa in countries such as the UK, USA, Israel, and Singapore. The primary reservoir of the disease remains a mystery, though experts feel African rodents and non-human primates can effectively harbor the virus and cause an outbreak in humans. 

Monkeypox Virus Symptoms 

In most cases, fever has been the first symptom 

  • Fever is followed by headache and muscle aches
  • Tiredness sets in accompanied by chills 
  • Enlarged lymph nodes may appear on the body
  • Rashes can develop on the face, mouth, hands, and even genital parts 
  • Rashes soon turn into bumps or puss-filled reddish papules

The illness can often last for 4 weeks and avoiding close contact with the patient is the best way to limit its spread. Infectious disease specialists suggest that anyone with symptoms should immediately contact an infectious disease specialist doctor in Dubai and get tested. 

Diagnosis & Treatment

Monkeypox diagnosis is done by PCR tests or Western blotting tests usually conducted by government or state-run laboratories in the UAE. Definitive diagnosis measures are essential to strike out other possible infections such as smallpox. 

Monkeypox treatment in Dubai, and elsewhere could involve immediate smallpox vaccination. Monkeypox being closely connected to smallpox, cross-protective vaccination can help in treating monkeypox symptoms. Treatment may also include antiviral drugs and human immune globulin. 

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