Learning Difficulties in Children – Parental Guidelines

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Is your child finding it hard to cope with school homework or other study challenges?  He may be grappling with learning difficulties. It is an umbrella term for a child's disability to learn academics-related skills. Learning disorders can include facing difficulty in reading, writing, problem-solving, reasoning, and understanding mathematical concepts. 

According to mental health experts, learning difficulty is a mental issue connected with the nervous system and also linked to a genetic condition. Learning disabilities are segregated into different branches that include perceptual deficits, dyslexia or reading disorder, auditory processing disorder, writing disorder, dyscalculia, and maths solving disability to name a few. Such mental issues cannot be co-related to physical conditions like hearing loss, blindness, or other psychological issues. Most children with learning difficulties exhibit one or two specific learning disabilities.  

Causes of Learning Disabilities 

Learning difficulties could arise due to ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and motor skills-related conditions. Parents and teachers discover the learning disabilities of their children when they join the school. Learning difficulties symptoms may vary from one child to another. Children experiencing learning difficulties often become withdrawn, frustrated, and annoyed. This can have an adverse effect on the child's quality of life and he may also suffer from emotional setbacks. 

How can parents chip in?

Knowing how to help a child with a learning disability can lead to more positive results. Parents and elders can help kids with learning difficulties by paying extra attention to their learning issues and supporting their efforts for a better outcome. 

Check out some red warning signs that indicate learning difficulties in a child's life:

Preschool learning disabilities checklist

  • Does not follow given instructions 
  • Weak memory 
  • Very slow language-skills development 
  • Does not know to communicate his/her thoughts 
  • Poor speaking skills
  • Slow motor development skills 
  • Poor interaction with other kids 

Elementary period checklist 

  • Slow progress in word recognition ability
  • Difficulty in forming numbers and alphabets 
  • Issues with word spellings
  • Poor organizational skills 
  • Difficulty in understanding oral instructions
  • Poor reading and writing skills 
  • Does not know how to express his feelings and thoughts 
  • Difficulty in solving maths-related problems 

Middle & high school period checklist 

  • Finding it difficult to understand math concepts and writing content in language subjects 
  • Difficulty in performing complex tasks 
  • Struggling with submitting assignments, reading papers, and solving complex math sums 
  • Finding it extremely difficult to organize study work, learning lessons, and doing independent tasks 

Managing learning disabilities is not easy. You can approach learning difficulties doctors in Dubai for correct diagnosis and care. The doctor can help you understand the child's exact problems and offer treatment to improve his self-help skills, social interaction, and general communication skills. To make the child self-reliant, parents need to make sincere efforts, which may include therapy sessions and consultation with child psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and educational therapists. 

A detailed evaluation by the best-qualified child psychiatrists in the UAE can prove to be useful in identifying key issues affecting the child's mental growth. Learning disability tests and evaluations may involve discussing issues with the parents and teachers, talking to the child, and reviewing the educational learning done at school. 

Learning disabilities cannot be completely cured or treated. However, timely medical interventions can be successfully implemented to assist the children in dealing with their challenges and overpowering hurdles. 


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