Let Experienced Heart Specialists Handle Pediatric Heart Issues

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Heart issues and irregularities of the heart in children below the age of 18 years are treated by pediatric cardiologists. The numerous types of heart conditions affecting children including congenital defects come under the scope of the pediatric cardiology medical segment. 

Parents wanting the most innovative and proven treatment for their kids with congenital heart issues can seek the best pediatric cardiologist in Dubai, UAE. Certified pediatric cardiologists have extensive experience and vast knowledge to offer medical care and treatment for children having heart conditions. 

Define the Work of a Pediatric Cardiologist

Pediatric cardiologists treat only children below the age of 18 years and they diagnoze children using electrocardiograms, imaging testing devices, and echocardiograms. You must visit a pediatric cardiologist in the UAE if your child develops dizziness, chest pain, left side pain, or fainting. Congenital and acquired heart-related issues are also addressed. 

Advancements in research and developments in the field of cardiology have helped millions of children with congenital heart issues to reach adulthood and lead healthy lives. Many patients may need regular medical backup and monitoring even in their adulthood. 

The Best Medical Team for your Child 

From the pediatric cardiologist to a child specialist nurse practitioner, medical geneticists, occupational therapists, dietitians, and child-life experts, many professionals are involved in the treatment course.

Notes on Latest Treatment & Advanced Technology 

Many hospitals and clinics provide pediatric cardiologist services in the UAE. For instance, you can approach pediatric cardiologists in Al Zahra Hospital, and American Hospital to access modern diagnostic treatment methods and the latest devices to aid proper heart functions. Doctors may use high-tech superior technology and treatment options involving catheter-based care and minimally invasive surgical treatments.  

Heart Transplant Programs

Being one of the supreme tourist destinations in the globe, Dubai is visited by thousands of people seeking top-rated heart transplant treatment. You can get advanced healthcare services, the best medical care, and a cost-effective heart transplant. Dubai hospitals offer modern infrastructure and advanced facilities for heart transplant programs. If you are seeking an experienced and professional team of heart experts for a heart transplant, several medical specialties can come together to offer a treatment plan suited to meet your child's needs. Pediatric cardiologists in Sharjah, Dubai, or any corner of the Emirates can be sourced via online medical platforms.

DoctorUna can be the best medical platform to provide you with a list of pediatric cardiologists near your area. DoctorUna can help you connect with top hospitals and leading pediatric cardiologists practicing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other parts of the UAE. 


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