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Are you afraid of losing your mind to an uncontrolled panic attack? Does a stressful situation make you hyperventilate or cry? Relax, a panic disorder can be treated effectively with the help of mindfulness, oral medications, and psychotherapy.

Panic attack can be described as the rush of sudden feelings like acute fear or terror that can strike quickly and without prior warning. Such panic attack episodes can happen with anyone and at any time. You can feel panic-stricken even during sleep

Common Symptoms of Panic Attacks include:

  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Having a fast-beating or racing heart
  • A strange feeling of unknown terror or approaching doom
  • Extreme sweating or experiencing chills
  • Unexplained chest pains
  • Having difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling numbness in the hand and leg area
  • Feeling loss of control (physical or mental)

Panic Attack Symptoms – Crying

Some unique symptoms of panic episodes can be very traumatic to deal with. You may feel awful about something and become stressed out. You may even start screaming or crying in terror. You can even hyperventilate and become immersed in your own sorrow or fear. Many patients curl up in a foetal position before they start crying.

Panic Attack Symptoms – Nausea

Panic attacks can cause nausea or vomiting. However, it may not be a frequent occurrence. Patients with chronic panic disorders can experience nauseating feeling all the time. It can be changed with medications and psychotherapy treatment.

Panic attack symptoms – Shaking

In a panic attack condition, you often feel shaky with trembling sensations. Trembling in the hands, legs, and feet without any reason is common in people suffering from panic disorder. However, there are medical options such as talk therapy and oral medications to manage the symptoms.

Panic Attack Help

Apart from consulting medical experts, you can curb the symptoms in the following ways:

  • Try to breathe slowly and inhale deeply
  • Try to relax and think positively
  • Relax your body and muscles
  • Defend yourself in any difficult situation

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalised anxiety disorder symptoms is very similar to a panic attack disorder and other psychological orders. The signs of generalised anxiety disorder is very much treatable by medical care and diagnosis. In such cases, patients exhibit constant worry, lack of concentration and a restless disposition.

Panic Attack Medication

Panic disorder symptoms can be controlled with regular psychotherapy sessions and medications. One of the best psychotherapy procedure is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for mild panic attacks. Medications include anti-depressants and relaxants.


State the differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack?

An anxiety attack is an extreme reaction to a stressful situation. A panic attack is not a reaction to any situation, it is unmotivated and also unpredictable. An anxiety attack is short-lived, you may calm down when the stress goes away. A panic attack cannot be fully cured, although such attacks can be therapeutically managed to some extent.

Can you experience a panic attack without any reason?

Yes, you can suffer from a panic for no reason. A moment of acute fear that triggers physical reactions with no obvious reason can be termed as a panic attack. It can be a genetic disorder or a mental freeze mechanism for anxiety. But, panic attack can keep occurring even after the absence of the threatening stimulant. Panic attack can be a frustrating and frightening experience.

How to stop a panic attack?

Adopt some of these methods to stop a panic attack:

  • Understand and accept that you have a panic disorder
  • Apply mindfulness
  • Do relaxing exercises
  • Try yoga and deep breathing
  • Repeat a mantra
  • Try thinking happy thoughts
  • Visit a therapist

How do you know that you are suffering from a panic disorder?

You need to visit a professional medical expert or a therapist, who can diagnose a panic disorder. They may look-out for four or five signs such as trembling, chest pain, shortness of breath, getting a choking feeling, excessive sweating, palpitations, numbness, and fear of going crazy to name a few.


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