Medical Conditions That Prompt A Urologist Appointment

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A urologist is a medically trained and certified urology specialist. He treats diseases related to the female urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Patients are referred to urologists by their general physician to be checked for symptoms indicating urethra, kidneys, ureters, or adrenal glands disorders. 

Best urologists in Dubai can be consulted for men to treat disorders related to organs such as the prostate, epididymis, penis, seminal vesicles, or testes. 

Urologists in the UAE treat the following medical conditions:

  • Urinary tract infections – UTI is a problem that mostly affects the female population worldwide. It occurs when digestive tract bacteria move or migrate to the urethra. The common symptoms include pain while urinating, incontinence, vomiting, fever, and nausea. 
  • Incontinence – It is a urinary disorder wherein the system malfunctions leading to a lack of bladder control. In many women, incontinence happens due to weakening of the pelvic floor muscles during their pregnancy stage. 
  • Kidney Disease – Patients with damaged kidneys may showcase symptoms such as high blood pressure, abnormal swelling in the ankle area and the hands. It can subsequently lead to kidney failure and loss of life. 
  • Renal Transplant – A patient with a kidney disorder may need kidney transplantation when his kidney fails
  • Male Infertility – Damage to the reproductive tract in men can lead to male infertility issues. Sperm disorders and infertility problems can also be caused by varicoceles. 
  • Oncology – Cancer treatment related to urological disorders is called urology oncology. It also refers to the abnormal cancerous development in the male reproductive system. Some of the examples are prostate cancer and bladder cancer. 
  • Prolapse of Bladder – When the pelvic floor muscles and tissues become unable to support the organs in the pelvic area, the organs may drop from their actual positions leading to prolapse. 

Other medical conditions include erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, interstitial cystitis, kidney stones, prostatitis, cryptorchidism, urethral stricture, and pediatric urology. 

Urologist Training Medical Course 

A urologist, besides the four years of attending medical school, has to gain specialized training for five years. During this training period, he focuses on the medical study of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system.  

Urologists can also aim for any one area of specialty; child urology, female urology, cancer, kidney stone, or male reproductive health. All urologists certify as one after passing a test or examination to earn board certification from the American Board of Urology or any other recognized urology board. 

Child Urology 

In children, the condition related to obstruction of the urinary tract can arise due to issues like vesicoureteral reflux, obstructive posterior urethral valve, polycystic kidney, mal-developed kidney, renal tubular acidosis, Wilm's tumor, and horseshoe kidney. 

Renal infections include inflammation of the glomeruli, nephrotic syndrome, urinary tract infections, and bedwetting. UTI is a common bacterial infection that occurs in children. You can be referred to the best pediatric urologists in Dubai under the guidance of your family physician.

How Does Your Urinary Tract System Work? Let us see a video! 


Most Common Female Urology Condition

  • Overactive Bladder or OAB 

It is a collective group of urinary symptoms. It can be defined as an incontinence problem and not necessarily a disease. The main symptom includes a sudden and uncontrollable need to urinate. OAB can be seen as an urgent feeling to 'pass urine now'.  People who may leak urine when they laugh or sneeze are known to suffer from SUI or stress urinary incontinence. 

Most Common Male Urology Condition 

  • BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 

BPH is a condition wherein the prostate is enlarged. It is a familiar problem that occurs in older men. It is not a serious condition. When the prostate gland gets enlarged, it causes many urinary-related issues. 

BPH symptoms are as follows:

  • The urge to pass urine suddenly 
  • Finding it difficult to initiate urine 
  • Dribbling after passing of urine 
  • Less forceful urination stream 

What should you expect when you visit a reputed urologist in Dubai London Clinic or other top clinics?

Your first visit to the urologist's clinic in Dubai may be a lengthy one. You may fill up various forms and give details about your health history and present symptoms. The urologist will then conduct a physical examination that may include a rectal examination or a genital check-up. He may also order imaging tests and blood work for a closer screening of your internal organs. 

Treatment offered by Urologists in Dubai clinics or hospitals

Urologists may offer several treatment options. Starting with oral medications, your doctor can also suggest 'behavior training exercises' to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Patients with urological problems may be ordered to undergo certain procedures.

Common Urological Procedures: 

  • Cystoscopy – A close-up checking of the bladder and urethra. The procedure is done with a unique tool known as a cystoscope. 
  • Prostate Biopsy – A small tissue sample is taken from your prostate. This sample is tested for cancer cells in a laboratory. 
  • Ureteroscopy – This is a procedure to have a look at the organs namely kidneys and ureters. 
  • Nephrectomy – It is a surgical procedure to remove a damaged kidney for treating cancer 
  • Vasectomy – In this procedure, the urologist severs the sperm carrying tubes to prevent conception. 

Under what circumstances do you need to see a urologist?

In most cases, a general physician can be trusted to treat mild infections related to the urinary tract. However, if the symptoms are persisting and turning severe, you can consult a specialist of your preferred nationality or language. For instance, if you are a South Indian, you may want to visit a Malayali urologist in Dubai

Secure appointment with a Pakistani or Indian urologist in Dubai if have the following symptoms:

  • Presence of blood in the urine
  • No bladder control
  • Painful when you pass urine
  • Pain in the lower back area, stomach, or in the groin regions
  • Male issues such as cannot maintain proper erection 
  • Inflamed or enlarged prostate
  • Cancer detected in the urinary tract 

You can discuss with your primary care doctor the health plan suitable for you and your family. You can request a referral for a urologist in Dubai, which matches your insurance plans. Many established hospitals and clinics in the Middle East offer state-of-the-art facilities, a large number of inpatient beds, and full medical support to patients suffering from urological problems even during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. DoctorUna can supply you with the complete database of top recommended urologists in Dubai near you

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