Mental Health Issues Faced by Latino Community in Spain

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-03-12

Mental health is a global issue, it does not discriminate between race and color. Any person living in any corner of the country can be affected by mental health symptoms regardless of their gender or monetary position.

Likewise, the country of Spain is also no different when facing mental health issues. 

Spain's Health Ministry had launched a suicide prevention plan to address issues such as rising cases of suicide and alcohol abuse.

The health ministry meeting held in the year 2018 discussed the collective information about the growing number of deaths due to suicide. Most of the people requiring hospital treatment are those individuals who have failed in their attempts against self-harm.  

Does mental health really matter?

Without good mental health, you can never be 100% happy or healthy. The human mind can get overwhelmed due to several reasons:

  • Childhood abuse and trauma 
  • Childhood neglect 
  • Facing constant discrimination and social stigma 
  • Poverty and debt 
  • Losing a loved one 
  • Long-term stress-free
  • Suffering from long-term physical health problems
  • Unemployment and stress of losing a job 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Without proper medical treatment, the problem of mental health disorder can only worsen and the victim can even feel suicidal. 

Mental Health Conditions Affecting the Latino Community 

Latinos face common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), excessive drinking (alcohol), drug abuse, and suicide.

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Reports suggest that Latino communities glaring disparities when it comes to access mental healthcare diagnosis and quality treatment. Such matters put them at a greater risk of contracting severe psychological issues.  

Some sections of the Latino community is not well-educated to understand or recognize the gravity and signs of mental health conditions. And that is the reason why most of them do not insist on getting treatment.

Lack of proper information and the fear of being tagged as a crazy person has stopped many Latinos from speaking openly about their mental issues. 

Moreover, people feel that their privacy is being invaded when they speak about any mental health issue that is causing them mental pain.

However, you cannot lose your privacy while talking about a psychological issue as mental health providers are thorough professionals and will not share your private information with others. These specialists will listen to your problems without judging you. 

Hispanic Mental & Behavioral Health (2019 report of a study done in the year 2017

  • Those Hispanics who live below the poverty line were two times more affected by psychological stress and poor mental health than Hispanics living above the poverty level
  • The suicide death rate of Hispanic men was 4 times more than Hispanic women death rate in the year 2017
  • In the same year 2017, it was reported that suicide was one of the leading causes of death for the Hispanic population aged between 15 to 34 years. 
  • Suicide attempts by the Hispanic kids (girls) aged between 9 to 12 years were almost forty percent higher than other same age group white girls living in the United States, in the year 2017


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