Neuropsychological Evaluation – Tests & Procedure

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Are you feeling confused and not able to concentrate on important tasks? Is this a new condition? You can go in for a Neuropsychological evaluation to know better. During a Neuropsychological evaluation, a licensed psychologist or a reputed neuropsychologist conducts a series of brain tests to find a link between brain health and your thinking pattern plus behavior. 

Explaining the procedure of a neuropsychological evaluation:

Your present symptoms and medical history are discussed by the neuropsychologist. This information can help the doctor become aware of all your problems and order the type of testing needed for the diagnosis. You can consult an online psychiatrist near your location in Dubai.

The neuropsychological testing in Dubai can include:

  • Specific quick attention exams such as quickly spotting the difference in two images or matching symbols with similar numbers. 
  • Memory testing to see your memorizing skills 
  • Cognition testing to know your problem-solving abilities. 
  • Verbal communication tests like naming objects or listing words that start with a particular letter. 
  • Testing motor skills that include walking and coordinating with hands 
  • Visual and hearing tests are also conducted to experience the effect of senses on your memory and thinking ability

Such tests are done using pen and paper or else they are conducted on a desktop computer. The tests can go on for three to six hours with sufficient breaks. In some special cases, the patient may be needed to take on more than one test session. 

You can approach an Indian or British psychologist in Dubai as per your preference for discussing neuropsychological evaluation and consequent testing. You can ask the specialist for the pre-testing preparation like having a good sleep at night and arriving for the test after a nutritious breakfast. 

After the completion of the tests, the doctor may wish to discuss the results. This evaluation result can form a part of your existing medical records. This can assist your specialist doctor to grasp your condition and formulate an ideal treatment plan to boost your overall physical and mental health condition. The doctor may recommend oral medications and psychotherapy sessions in Dubai. 
An online search can help you find the most affordable psychiatrists or psychologists in Dubai. Most psychology centers in Dubai offer the most trusted care and treatment centered around individual needs.


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