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Annual skin examination, is it really necessary? These exams can be life saviors. Skin exams often help to detect the early stages of skin cancer. Your annual skin screening can be the most important exam that leads your dermatologist to detect precancerous lesions and remove them before they turn into skin cancer. 

The Procedure 

Annual skin screening in Dubai is a procedure wherein your skin specialist will examine every part of your skin. He/she will look for unusual spots, discoloration, and any suspicious spots. The dermatologist can then examine and make a note of all the odd spots and take pictures of the same. The doctor may also take a tissue sample of the skin lesion to send to a testing lab. 

Risk Factors That Indicate Skin Issues 

  • Red and blond hair type
  • Light eye color
  • Skin prone to quick sunburn
  • Skin with freckles 
  • A family history involving melanoma
  • Unusual moles in the body
  • Suspicious looking mole
  • A mole that has changed in color or shape 

Explain Melanoma Screening 

The head-to-toe examination of the skin conducted by a dermatologist is known as a melanoma screening. During a screening test in DXB, all areas including your fingers, toes, scalp, fingernails, toenails, and armpits will be thoroughly examined. The doctor may check for dubious spots that could be considered signs or may later develop into skin cancer.

Preventive Skin Cancer Screening 

It is an essential skin cancer screening that can prevent the development of cancerous cells. All precancerous lesions can be removed by your dermatologist in Dubai to stop the growth of skin cancer.  Regular skin screening can prevent the aggressive growth of cancer cells and it is an early treatable stage. 

There are 3 types of skin cancer: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Each cancer may look and feel different from the others. The common warning sign is a noticeable change on the skin like a new mole growth, a lightened skin patch, or changes in the existing mole. 

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