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Human blood pressure is ideally measured by using two numbers. The first measurement is known as systolic blood pressure and the second measurement is called diastolic blood pressure. A normal blood pressure reads 120/80 mm-Hg. If the blood pressure reading shows a measurement of 140/90 mm-Hg., it is considered as high.

People having 120/80 mm-Hg. blood pressure are at an optimal level with decreased risk of heart attack or stroke. If you have high blood pressure with reading 120/80 to 140/90, you need to take suitable steps to lower it. You may try a natural cure or consult some of the best UAE medical practitioners.  

How to Lower Blood Pressure?

Before you stress, let's study 5 awesome tips to maintain normal blood pressure in a natural way:

  • Regular Exercise – You can alter the structure of your arteries and decrease related arterial stiffness through regular exercise. It can regulate the autonomic nervous system and effectively control the blood pressure levels.
  • Healthy Diet – Planning a balanced and healthy diet is essential to maintain normal blood pressure. For this, medical experts suggest a DASH diet or “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”. It can slowly reduce the blood pressure level to normal.
  • Reducing Sodium Intake – The proper balance of sodium and potassium level in your body is vital. It helps in the dilation process of blood vessels along with the arteries. An imbalance caused by too much intake of salty food can raise the blood pressure levels.
  • Healthy Weight – Obesity can cause disorder in body metabolism. As a result, it can also influence the blood pressure levels. As per research studies, losing weight (around 4 kg. to 9 kg.) can facilitate reduction of blood pressure level up to 6 mm-Hg.
  • Yoga Practise – Attending yoga classes or doing deep breathing exercises and meditation can also help to promote good health and maintain a normal blood pressure level.

Blood Pressure Chart by Age


MALES (mm-Hg.)

FEMALES (mm-Hg.)

1 – 3

80/34 – 120/75

83/38 – 117/76

4 – 6

88/47 – 128/84

88/50 – 122/83

7 – 10

92/53 – 130/90

93/55 – 129/88

10 – 13

115/74 (approx)

114/75 (approx)

15 – 18

120/78 (approx)

120/78 (approx)

19 – 24



























What is Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure is also known as hypotension in medical terms. Low blood pressure happens when the blood pressure level drops down to less than 90 mm-Hg. (systolic) and 60 mm-Hg. (diastolic). When you have low blood pressure, it causes fainting spells, dizziness and in rare cases can also be life-threatening.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure can be caused due to various reasons such as severe dehydration, serious medical issues or even due to surgical complications

Blood Pressure Calculator

A blood pressure calculator can help calculate your BP level or value. You may also find online BMI calculators that can compute the total body mass index and rate it in a proper way.

High & Low Blood Pressure Chart


What is the normal blood pressure range?

A normal blood pressure reading is considered to be 120/80 mm-Hg.

What is average blood pressure by age?

For an adult, the average blood pressure of 120/80 mm-Hg. is considered normal. However, with age, the systolic BP rises and the diastolic BP tends to fall.

What is a healthy blood pressure reading NHS?

According to the NHS website, a good blood pressure level is anywhere between 90/60 mm-Hg. and 120/80 mm-Hg. The blood pressure level is higher when it is 140/90 mm-Hg. or higher than that.

What is a dangerous level of blood pressure?

Any reading above 140/90 mm-Hg. is dangerous and you may be at risk of getting a heart stroke, heart attack, heart failure as well as other problems like kidney disease.

What is the normal blood pressure range in Australia?

As per the 'Heart Foundation of Australia' health guidance, the blood pressure level between 120/80 mm-Hg. and 129/84 mm-Hg. is considered as normal and blood pressure level between 130/85 mm-Hg. and 139/89 mm-Hg. is considered as high-normal.

You can avoid high blood pressure by living a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to take your medication regularly, once you are diagnosed with uncontrolled high blood pressure. Periodic health check-up by a doctor near you is the real key to increasing your chances for a happy and healthier life!


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