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Are you having addictive thoughts that refuse to fade away? Do you detect obscure compulsive behavioural patterns in yourself that seem alarmingly repetitive? It may be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD.

What is OCD?

OCD is a type of acute mental distress, wherein you suffer from an obsession that is persistent, unwanted, and also repetitive in nature. They can be thoughts, uncontrolled urges or certain images that intrude your mind to cause extreme distress and anxiety.

These strange obsessions and compulsive behaviour can include many aspects such an overwhelming need for cleanliness, a driving need for hoarding certain things, intrusive or unwelcome thoughts about sex, extreme violence or religion.

Let's take a closer look at some of the classic examples of OCD

Obsessive thoughts are:

  • Fear of catching germs
  • Need for extreme cleanliness
  • Scared of getting physically hurt
  • A compelling need for orderliness
  • Uncanny awareness of bodily sensations like breathing, blinking of eyelids, etc.
  • Body-centric repetitive behaviour
  • Always being suspicious of a partner's loyalty

Compulsive behaviour includes:

  • Washing hands repeatedly
  • Checking on locked doors, windows, and light switches repeatedly
  • Counting things again and again
  • A compulsive habit of putting certain items in a specific order
  • Fear of using the public toilets or greeting strangers by shaking hands

OCD Diagnosis

Diagnostic procedures for OCD treatment may include more than one method or a combination of all. These involve physical examination, blood tests, and psychological evaluation. The doctor may also use special criteria from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) of mental disorders.

OCD treatment medication

Most doctors propose psychiatric medications and allopathic anti-depressant tablets. Such medications are known to control thought-induced obsessions and compulsions.  

OCD medication side effects:

Medications that are used to treat severe anxiety disorders are known as anti-anxiety drugs. Most often, psychotherapy is an extended part of the treatment process.

Ten Common Side-Effects of OCD Medications are:

  1. Shaking of hands and legs
  2. Vomiting
  3. Lack of proper coordination
  4. Irregular urination
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Confused state of mind
  7. Muscle stiffness
  8. Low sex drive
  9. Loss of appetite
  10. Anti-OCD drug addiction

OCD Treatment at Home

Isn’t self-care the best care? OCD also can be treated at home without medications or outside help. All you need is some healthy dose of 'self-care'.

Follow these tips to be OCD free naturally:

  • Start regular and healthy eating habits
  • Don't wait to be cranky or hungry to have your food
  • Eat several small meals a day instead of one big meal
  • Maintain your sugar levels
  • Drink less caffeine-rich beverages that may raise your anxiety levels
  • Get good, restful, and long hours of sleep
  • Do regular exercise to lower stress levels

OCD Treatment in Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is now widely practised all over the globe. Its holistic approach and natural remedies can help you overcome anxiety, stress, and compulsive behaviour. Consultation with a reputedx professional homeopath in UAE can offer the best supportive alternative treatment for OCD. Homoeopathy aids healing by boosting the positive growth of your inner balance at all the three levels (physical, mental and spiritual). Slow healing with minimal side effects is one of the plus points of homoeopathy  treatment.

Best Medication for OCD Intrusive Thoughts

While natural remedies for OCD include yoga and meditation, medical experts often suggest anti-depressant medications and psychotherapy. These medicines are given to patients according to the nature of their illness, age, and other health issues.

Every human being experiences some kind of violent or destructive thoughts, it is normal. Clinical research studies done in the year 2014 at Concordia University, Montreal showed that such random or violent thoughts are not the primary issue for OCD patients but their overwhelming reaction to those thoughts is the root cause of the problem.


Is there any cure for OCD?

It varies from person to person some OCD patients are temporarily cured after treatment. Others may still suffer from OCD condition with fifty percent relief from OCD symptoms. Experts feel that there is no actual or known cure for OCD. Medication can trim down or even eliminate the symptoms for a long duration of time. But, symptoms may bounce back when medications are discontinued.

Is OCD a mental illness or disorder?

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is definitely a mental illness. There are two types of OCD, one is obsessive in nature and the other is compulsive behaviour. A person may have any one type of OCD or even both.

How do you help a person with OCD?

You can help your friends or family members who are showing OCD symptoms by encouraging them to be open about it and motivate them to participate in a suitable therapy process. Try maintaining a positive atmosphere at home. You can also help them find the best OCD treatment centres nearby.

How to treat OCD on your own?

If you are experiencing OCD symptoms, the first thing to do is stop berating yourself for such obsessive thoughts. If thoughts provoke you or make you guilty, just ignore them. OCD experts suggest that suppressing or reacting to abnormal or violent thoughts may aggravate the condition. It is best to take a break and treat them like small insignificant waves over the expanse of your oceanic mind.

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