Pakistan Mental Health Issues Case Studies

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-04-02

Mental health disorder is spreading its wings in Pakistan. Pakistani society needs to address the issue of depression and anxiety without losing more time. According to a leading Pakistani news portal, the citizens have been responding vaguely to subjects related to depression and chronic anxiety. 

In many rural areas, mental issues like stress-induced anxiety and depression are considered as a figment of a troubled mind. Nevertheless, most communities refuse to identify mental health as a serious problem. 

Depression & Anxiety 

Depression can be explained as feeling sad, upset, and low for many days or weeks at a stretch. Likewise, experiencing fear, worry, and irrational thoughts on a daily basis can be termed as chronic anxiety. 

You may be amazed to know that depression and anxiety are like two sides of the same coin and they can occur together. More than 40 percent of individuals with one mental health condition do meet the criteria for more mental disorders. Depression and anxiety have similar symptoms and the diagnostic treatment is also very similar. 

Let us evaluate the symptoms of each mental condition and you will find that many symptoms overlap.

Overlapping Physical Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety 

  • Chronic fatigue and feeling depleted of energy 
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Drastic changes in weight 
  • Disturbed sleep patterns; feeling insomniac or oversleeping 

Overlapping Emotional Signs of Depression and Anxiety 

  • Feeling restless and losing interest in general activities 
  • Feeling angry, irritable and on the edge 
  • Feeling hopeless and dreadful 

Thinking Pattern Points to Consider 

  • People may feel odd or embarrassed to speak openly about going to visit a psychiatrist as they could be judged and viewed as a lunatic 
  • Sadly, mental health patients suffer amidst all this drama and their lives are literally destroyed 
  • Recent studies report that even the state provides minimal support to assist mental health patients 
  • Parents fail to assess or recognize signs of depression or chronic anxiety in their children

Recent Cross-Sectional Study Conducted in Karachi 

A study done in the month of July 2019 with the help of 400 volunteers from the city of Karachi was designed to analyze the different forms of depression experienced by them through a questionnaire. Results from the participants hinted that at least 72 percent of them showcased symptoms of stress, 51 percent of participants had experienced emotional and physical trauma. And only 52 percent of them desired to be treated by a psychiatrist or a psychologist. 

Steps to be Taken To Increase Awareness in Pakistan 

  1. Society has to be made aware of mental health issues and be educated on subjects like depression, anxiety, chronic paranoia, and suicidal inclinations 
  2. Psychological therapy and counseling should also cover rural areas and rural society should be encouraged to come forward with their mental health problems 
  3. People should be taught to observe others, among their family, friends, and relatives and identify individuals dealing with psychological issues 

State authorities and psychological department heads should lay more focus on educating the general public about mental health problems prevalent in the country. This will automatically reduce the incidents of suicide and drug abuse cases.

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