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It is a fact that a child's body parts are not fully developed till they reach the age of 6. Likewise, a child below the age of six has under-developed ears, nose, and throat. A yearly visit to an ENT specialist in the UAE may be unavoidable. It can also be termed as a pediatric otolaryngological emergency. 

Let us discuss some of the common pediatric ENT problems:  

  • Ear Infections – The sinus drainage system of a child is not fully developed, and this may lead to bacterial infections. Ear infections are quite common among young kids and you may need to visit a baby ENT doctor or an emergency facility if your child has a fever, if he/she has recurrent ear-related issues in a year, or if the antibiotics are not working for the child. 
  • Common Cold – A child may often suffer from the common cold at regular intervals. This can affect his/her ear, nose, and throat too. Common cold symptoms can be easily confused with flu symptoms, sinusitis, strep throat, or even COVID 19. 

You may need urgent emergency ENT for kids care under the following situations:

  1. When the fever is not subsiding even after 72 hours, 
  2. If the cold lasts for more than a week
  3. If there is yellowish or greenish discharge
  4. If there are flu-like symptoms, COVID19 symptoms
  • Noisy Breathing -  Snoring or noisy breathing in children is not normal. Reach out to the best pediatric ENT doctors near your area if your child is experiencing such symptoms on a daily basis. The ENT doctor may provide further evaluation if he suspects sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis, enlarged tonsils, or deviated septum problem. 
  • Nosebleeds – A dry atmosphere can cause nosebleeds in kids. Children may also pick at their delicate noses leading to scratches, nosebleeds, or nasal passage irritation. You can visit a reputed pediatric ENT children's hospital in Dubai if the bleeding doesn't subside or the child keeps getting frequent nosebleeds. 

Ear Microsuction Procedure

Microsuction is an advanced ear wax removal process that is safe and pain-free. Ear microsuction in Dubai can be done at trusted ENT centers. Using the binocular microscope for a magnified view, an ENT specialist in Dubai removes all the ear wax obstructions in a safe manner. The doctor may use a delicate and low-pressure suction tube or device to remove the wax. 

If your child is a victim of frequent allergies, fever, earache, common cold, or other ENT-related symptoms, DoctorUna can help you contact the best UK or Indian ENT specialist near your place. You can also plan to visit the best ENT Filipino doctor in Dubai or ENT specialist of any nationality when you connect with us at DoctorUna. 

Whatever your needs, if you wish to see a lady ENT specialist nearby, DoctorUna can arrange for a physical appointment quickly. Follow our general guidelines online to seek an urgent care center in our comprehensive list of doctors specialists, and dentists info at your disposal. We will help your child feel better in no time! 


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