Pediatric Ophthalmologist For Eye Disorders in Children

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Are you dealing with your child's eye problems? Do you notice red eyes, dry eyes, or myopia due to excessive screen time? Getting your child checked by a qualified and best pediatric ophthalmologist in Dubai could help. A pediatric ophthalmologist is a certified eye specialist for children. They are eye doctors who have undergone special training to offer diagnostic eye treatment for kids. 

A pediatric ophthalmologist is a specialist equipped with the necessary experience and qualifications to provide medical treatment for your child and may offer extensive eye care that may include medical, surgical (invasive and non-invasive), and optical treatment of the eyes. 

Types of Treatment Offered

Pediatric ophthalmologists can manage and treat child-related eye issues by providing the following services:

  • Eye examination 
  • Surgical treatment for problems such as wandering eyes, crossed eyes, weakened eye muscles, tear duct repair, eye infections, and retinal problems. 
  • Diagnosing problems caused by chronic diseases such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and other neurological diseases. 
  • Treating eye injuries 
  • Diagnosing visual processing abnormalities 
  • Prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses 

The Best & Trusted Care for Children 

Children differ from mature adults. Sometimes, they are unable to pinpoint their troubles or discomfort. Children do not know how to answer medical queries, doctors need to be very patient and make the child cooperative during an eye examination. Moreover, pediatric ophthalmologists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai use tools exclusively designed for kids. Even their clinics and consulting rooms are decorated with kid-friendly themes. This is done to create a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere for the kids. 

When to see an eye specialist for children?

Your child's pediatrician may suggest you visit a reputed pediatric ophthalmologist in the UAE to have his eyes checked, you can make an appointment. A visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist can help deal with your child's eye disorders. 

Where can I find the most verified pediatric ophthalmologist?

You find several qualified pediatric ophthalmologists in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. You can choose locations at your convenience. If you want a pediatric ophthalmologist in any other specific location, visit the DoctorUna website or mobile site to connect with an experienced eye specialist for children.

DoctorUna can assist in finding ophthalmologists practicing in various medical institutions, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and mega community hospitals. Visit the site today!


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