Pediatric Psychology for Treating Range of Medical Conditions

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-06-21

Pediatric psychology is a study of child-related problems. It encompasses a variety of mental and physical factors that include psychosocial, developmental, and situational conditions leading to pediatric psychological issues. 

Pediatric mental disorders are provided assessment and diagnostic treatment with the help of pediatric psychology. It aims to boost the health behaviors in babies, young kids, adolescents, and their families in a pediatric healthcare environment. This cognitive field also aids in educating the public about varied pediatric health issues and advocating child policies to improve pediatric healthcare in the UAE

Duties of a Certified Pediatric Psychologist 

Pediatric psychologists in Dubai are mental health professionals who guide children, teens, and their families towards adopting a better mental health plan to treat symptoms such as confusion, delay in normal development, learning disabilities, and abnormal pediatric behaviors. Psychologists often conduct scientific studies to find the cause of child-related mental afflictions, causes, triggers, and issues. 

Pediatric psychology also deals with issues such as the following:

  • Diabetes – is the most common reason for a psychological referral. Child psychologists in UAE evaluate and provide treatment for mood swings, anxiety, depression, and obesity that occur in diabetic children. 
  • Chronic Pain – Psychologists can offer effective treatment to manage the anxiety and stress related to chronic pain. Children may be taught simple relaxation techniques like meditation or easy breathing exercises to control stress levels. 
  • Trauma Surgical Procedures – The surgical procedures pose traumatic stress to children. Kids often develop deep psychological distress and show signs of dysfunction post-surgery. Children also exhibit reluctance to abide by medical follow-up healthcare. Child psychologists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer 'alternatives for families cognitive-behavioral therapy', which is a trauma-centric and evidence-based therapy specially designed to improve child-caregiver relationships.  
  • Acute Illnesses – Pediatric psychologists offer comprehensive healthcare for children suffering from acute medical conditions via diagnostic assessment and interventions, self-management plans, CBT, behavioral therapy, medicines, and parental advice. 

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