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Healthy kids are naturally active and most of them also love playing outdoors. Children of all ages need to take care of their health in order to grow, develop, and learn. Optimum brain development happens only when they receive proper medical care, dental care, well-balanced diet, regular physical exercises, and plenty of blissful sleep.

Child Development Physical Activity

A child frequenting the playground indicates that he/she is active and is learning to lead an active life. As the child gets older, it can be challenging for him/her to find time for daily physical activities. Factors such as lack of good role models, busy working parents, having to complete school work, the easy distraction of smart phones and video games can put a damper on his/her physical activities.  

Most of the time, when kids desire to play outdoors, parents are hesitant to let them roam freely in the neighbourhood. So, their outdoor active lives are curtailed and reduced to a certain extent. Seated indoor activities like watching television and playing computer or mobile games are considered to be degrading for the child's proper brain development.

Children's physical activities should include moving around and playing with other kids. Kids are active when they are outdoors in natural surroundings while engaging in fun and sweaty physical pursuits.

Physical Activity for Kindergarten

Small kids or preschoolers need lots of active playtimes to enhance their physical and mental development. Encouraging small kids to play and frolic around is very essential. Such energy-bursting activities can have a great impact on their all-round development.

Teachers or parents must encourage kids in different kinds of activities:

  • Include structured playtime, free playtime, and sedentary playtime
  • Encourage activities like chasing each other or dancing
  • Help them play with medium sized balls
  • Promote swimming or simple water play
  • Boost his/her riding skills in a tricycle or kid's scooter
  • Support his/her initial activities like crawling through play tunnels
  • Help the child play indoor games that include building blocks, solving puzzles or joining other kids to play hide and seek

Childhood Exercises

Kids have to remain active and work out their boundless energy. And yet, it must look like fun play. Introducing fun exercises by certified trainers is a fantastic way to boost their mood and keep them fit everyday. These activities can help them excel both physically and academically. According to American trainee experts, a school-based health and play program for young kids can be added to their daily school-time routine.

Eleven Cool Ways to Inspire your Child to be Physically Active

Let us explore exciting and fun ways coupled with some traditional techniques to motivate your child to become physically active:

  1. Speak to the child's paediatric doctor about his/her health conditions to determine the level of fitness
  2. Find a suitable fun activity that is most enjoyable for the kid
  3. Choose a new developmentally appropriate physical activity
  4. Provide a comfort zone that is safe for the child
  5. Provide your child with all the active toys
  6. Introduce bone-strengthening training that may include running, jumping rope or even playing hop-scotch
  7. Become a child and play with him/her in the absence of friends
  8. Turn off the television and grant limited access to mobile or laptop
  9. Make extra time for the child's exercise, apart from his/her music lessons, school work or tuitions
  10. Provide a nutritious and balanced diet so that the child gets enough energy to play physical sports
  11. Don't overdo things in your quest to make your child physically active. Do not let the exercises or outdoor play activities have a negative impact on his/her school studies or health.


How to encourage a child to participate in an activity?

You have to be an inspiring role model and send him/her to a yoga class, book club or regularly visit a nearby park. Likewise, discuss with your kid about the importance of being physically fit and uncover their secret hesitations if any. You can then gather same-age friends to motivate him/her to go out and play.

How to make lazy child active?

Try focusing on the fun quotient and praise your kid whenever he indulges in physical activities. If your child is lazy, boost his spirits by offers gifts and include household chores as a part of physical work.

What does vigorous play mean?

Vigorous play means exercises that are done with force, energy, and enthusiasm. Any lively and fun activity can be termed as vigorous play. It can improve your kid's overall fitness and cognitive development while teaching him/her life skills.

Why should children stay active?

A healthy child is naturally active. Physical activity can help prevent health problems and also combat childhood obesity issues. Moreover, it boosts your child's self-esteem and makes him/her an optimistic and confident kid.   


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