Preparing Your UAE Clinic for Telemedicine Appointments

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-01-05

The COVID-19 epidemic has restructured our view on medical health and fitness. Hospitals and medical centers in the UAE have adopted telemedicine systems using modern-day telecommunications technology. 

The medical staff and team, doctors, nurses, and support helpers have been given extensive training to handle virtual communication via audio and video telephonic consultations. Many reputed healthcare centers are providing telemedicine services. All you need is a good infrastructure in your clinic for efficient coverage. You can start a marketing campaign to target the audience and offer superior service. 

Follow a concrete plan to execute your telemedicine service:

  • Chalk a Plan 

You must have a good reason for opting to offer telemedicine service such as for boosting your profit ratio or providing extra hours after your in-clinic hours or facilitating video consultation assistance to specialist doctors via virtual appointments. You can make a list of all the doctors who wish to offer telemedicine consultations and accordingly notify the patients about the specialist doctors' online availability. 

  • Abiding by DHA Rules 

As a healthcare center of good reputation, you should abide by the UAE telehealth standards laid down by the DHA. Your clinic must use a HIPAA tractable telemedicine software system. There are six core areas of telemedicine standard that are: teleconsultation, telemonitoring, telerobotics, telediagnosis, mobile health, and telepharmacy. Your clinic should clarify the area of telemedicine that you will be covering. And the doctors have to take the formal consent of the patient just before the start of the tele-appointment. These rules can be downloaded via online sources. 

  • Communicating with Pharmacy

You can share information about your telemedicine services and tie-up with the local pharmacies so that medications can be delivered to the patients. You may give e-prescription to your patients to get medicines from specific pharmacies. Some clinics have attached pharmacies so that it becomes easier for the patients to collect the medicines on visiting the clinic.

  • Technical Preparation

It is advisable to invest in the best-quality web camera and fix it at a comfortable level. You can set reminder notifications and install an internet connection with high-range signals. Make sure to test the software and devices before the calls are received so that you know it doesn't malfunction and is safe to use. 

Imparting Training to Doctors and Staff Members 

It is also important that proper training is given to the doctors and staff members so that they adhere to the DHA standards, otherwise the DHA license could be revoked by the authorities. Staff members can practice making dummy calls so that everyone is familiar with the integrated software. Most payments are made through the online medium before the appointment, so an electronic copy needs to be given to the patients. The software must have these related features to simplify the telemedicine process. 

Marketing Campaign

To stand out from other competitive healthcare facilities, you have to put in your best efforts to offer top-rated telehealth services to patients. Telemedicine is the most ideal and cost-effective system for everybody nowadays. You can use texts, emails, and calls to advertise your telemedicine services. Offering promotional discounts on rates can attract potential patients. 

Clinics can issue family coupon discounts and even offer discounted rates for those who recommend other families to sign up for a telemedicine appointment. You can provide the service details on your official website and other social media platforms. 

Telemedicine is an advanced approach that can boost medical consultation and reach out to all those who require such services. The benefits are enormous for patients; there are no transportation costs, they have access to the best specialists, there is no need to spend time in a waiting room, and it provides better health options in the UAE medical and healthcare system. Invest in authentic and reliable software to take advantage of the telemedicine system today! 


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