Psychiatric Condition – Substance Abuse Disorder

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Do you love popping pills, even when you do not have a proper prescription? You may be exhibiting signs of drug or substance abuse! It is also known as drug addiction or substance abuse disorder. Timely intervention and help from your physician, family, support groups, and therapists can help you overcome this dangerous drug addiction. 

Substance Use Definition 

It is an illness that affects an individual's brain and behavior pattern that leads to a compulsive disorder or an uncontrollable urge to use any drug or medication (legal or illegal) without any limit. When you cannot control the usage of a particular drug despite the damage it causes to your overall health, you are said to be addicted. 

Causes of Substance Abuse 

The causes of substance abuse disorder are not clear. It can be caused due to many underlying factors such as genetic condition, peer pressure, emotional turmoil, depression, loneliness, anxiety, attraction to a specific drug, childhood neglect, lack of parental support or love, post-traumatic disorder, low self-esteem, seeing drugs used by family or friends, chaotic lifestyle, and environmental stress. 

Types of Substance Abuse 

  • Opiates, codeine, pain medications (narcotics) 
  • Cocaine, amphetamines, Ritalin (stimulants) 
  • Alcohol, barbiturates, Valium, Ativan, Xanax, paraldehyde, chloral hydrate (depressants) 
  • LSD, mescaline, phencyclidine (hallucinations) 
  • Cannabis, hashish (marijuana) 

Signs of Substance Abuse 

  • Constant health issues – Unexplained weight loss or weight gain, red eyes
  • Bad appearance – A general lack of interest to appear well-groomed or presentable 
  • Behavioral changes – Drastic change in behavior at home and outside, a strained relationship with family members, need to be secretive at specific times, staying inside closed doors, 
  • Work issues – Missing work, missing college or school attendance, low performance in school or work
  • Psychological symptoms – Being confused, becoming hostile towards loved ones, sudden violent outbursts

Effects or Consequences of Substance Abuse on Mental Health

Drug abuse can have serious and detrimental effects on your mental health such as:

  • Alcohol Abuse can cause depression, slurred speech, decreased muscle control, lack of coordination, and typical alcoholism (addiction). 
  • Cannabis usage using marijuana (grass, pot, weed) can cause impaired coordination, memory loss, momentary relaxation. Synthetic marijuana can cause seizures and stroke. 
  • Cocaine use can cause paranoia, stroke, permanent damage to the heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys.
  • Heroin usage causes drowsiness, momentary pleasure, and slows down the heart rate. An overdose can result in altogether stopped breathing and sudden death. 
  • Methamphetamines stimulants can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Ecstasy use may lead to momentary pleasure, momentary burst of energy, anxiety, high fever, and depression 

Substance Abuse Treatment

When to visit a doctor?

You can seek help for drug addiction or substance abuse. The sooner you reach out, the bigger are your chances for a full recovery. You can discuss with your primary care doctor and fix an appointment with the psychiatrist doctors in dubai who specializes in addiction psychiatry. 

DoctorUna, your medical search engine platform, can assist you in finding the most-reviewed substance abuse counselor in Dubai. Recovery and preventing relapse is the most crucial part of treatment for drug abusers. You may be treated in a rehab center and health professionals such as counselors, psychiatrist doctors in dubai, psychologists, nurses, and social workers may be involved in the process. You may be given individual or group therapies. 

After a detailed assessment, the doctor can prescribe medications for cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Random drug tests and support helplines can also form a positive chain in encouraging the person to refrain from further usage of drugs. 


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