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Anger is an emotion that is natural and even healthy up to a certain limit. The trick is not to let anger overcloud your rational thinking and gain an upper hand. When a person is angry most of the time, it can damage his relationship with family, friends, and colleagues. Learning to control your anger is essential so that you do not have to deal with emotional remorse and regret your impulsive actions spurred by anger.

Anger Management Therapy & Techniques 

Anger management therapy can help practice various skills so that you recognize the red warning signs of anger and try managing the triggers in a calm positive manner. Anger management psychiatrist doctors in dubai can teach you to identify the early stages of an angry outburst and evaluate the situation in a controlled way. 

If you have anger issues with your partner, you can consult reputed mental health professionals or a relationship psychologist in Dubai. Anger management therapy is crucial for de-escalating marital arguments and influence couples in a healthy way. 

Anger management techniques in Dubai is considered to be very beneficial as it can change the aggressive behavior of people and bring happy changes in their lives. 

OCD Treatment in Dubai 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is a disturbing psychiatric mental health problem wherein the patient feels the compulsive urge to perform specific repetitive actions, rituals, or suffer from a repeated pattern of thoughts. 

OCD treatment in Dubai is available at various established psychiatric clinics and hospitals within the city. OCD symptoms can be reduced using psychiatric medications and psychotherapy. Primary therapeutic psychiatry technique may involve a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also known as CBT. This further includes the use of ERP or Exposure and Response Prevention, which helps expose patients to all compulsive trigger situations and thus prevent the usual obsessive act done under compulsion. 

Some popular therapies include: 

  • Family Therapy – This is to address anger issues and resolve conflict within the family
  • Psychodynamic Therapy – It focuses on self-reflection to trace deep-seated psychological roots in the patients. 

You can come across affordable anger management therapy sessions in Abu Dhabi or Dubai conducted by highly qualified therapists and mental health professionals at DoctorUna. You can seek the best doctors in Dubai practicing at reputed hospitals such as BE Psychology Center in Dubai

At DoctorUna, we can help you book your consultation with the most-reviewed therapists in the UAE. If you wish for anger management sessions near you, they can be arranged here. Doctoruna offers a truly comfortable patient-doctor experience. We are a singular destination platform providing the best possible healthcare and aesthetics solutions. 


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