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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-05-31

Are you stressed and anxious when faced with common life challenges? Is the current health pandemic taking a toll on you? CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you tackle modern-day situations, negative thoughts, and behavioral patterns. 

CBT is a short-term treatment technique that encompasses a goal-driven approach to help people change their behavior by changing their negative thought patterns. Individuals seeking CBT treatment in Dubai can cope better during stressful situations, deal with complicated relationships, and get over sadness or grief. 

CBT is a form of talk therapy; psychotherapy that centers on how an individual's beliefs, thoughts, and attitude can affect their outer behaviors and emotional feelings. 

CBT if applied successfully can treat many types of mental disorders and conditions that include:

  • GAD or generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia 
  • Social Phobia 
  • Depression
  • Childhood loneliness 
  • Anger
  • Marital complexities 
  • Addiction or substance abuse disorder
  • Dental Phobia
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Eating disorder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy in UAE is only offered by certified professional mental health specialists and CBT psychologists. These experts may suggest one-on-one individual sessions, group sessions with family members or with other people who suffer from similar mental issues. You can also avail of CBT online therapy in Dubai or anywhere in the world via online medical consultations. 

CBT Treatment 

  • The sessions may include learning and knowing more about your mental health problems
  • You will learn and practice techniques for stress management and develop resilience. 
  • In the first session, the therapist may gather all relevant information regarding your mental well being and physical health
  • In the preceding sessions, the therapist may have a deeper understanding of your past and present life 

CBT Dubai price may be around AED 850 for the first session and AED 650 for all sessions after that. Depending on the progress of the group or individual sessions, a cognitive therapist doctors in Dubai may determine the next course of treatment and whether you need oral medications. The mental health practitioner's approach may depend on your current situation. Accordingly, the therapist may require to combine CBT with other therapeutic treatments such as interpersonal therapy. 

Get in touch with the psychiatrist doctors in dubai for discussing CBT treatment. DoctorUna is the leading medical search engine in the UAE that can help you find the most-verified cognitive behavioral therapist at your desired location. 

Request for a physical appointment or a telehealth consultation with a certified mental health doctor in Dubai at the earliest! 


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