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Personal relationships can be your strength and support pillar. A good healthy relationship with your family members and friends is important. It is very normal to experience some issues or ups and downs in any relationship. However, these arguments and conflicts shouldn't affect your peace of mind and happiness. If your marriage or personal relationship starts to affect your life adversely, it may be time to seek professional help. 

Relationship counseling or marriage counseling in the UAE can be called a collective effort by a professional counselor to improve a client's relationship. Counseling is given so that people overcome their differences, conflicts, and misunderstandings. If you want stronger ties with your partner and are ready to seek help from third-party experts, counseling is the best way to go ahead. 

What happens in a counseling session?

Marriage counseling in Dubai can attempt to bring a couple closer by giving joint sessions. Furthermore, couples are taught skills to strengthen their relationship 

Couples learn the value of:

  • Open and truthful communications
  • Skills to solve common problems 
  • Solving differences rationally, without resorting to anger

Who is certified as a relationship counselor or therapist?

Many professionals can offer couple counseling such as certified marriage and family therapists (trained in psychotherapy), psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed professional marriage counselors, and certified social workers. For instance, a marriage counseling Dubai Indian therapist can help Indian couples to understand each other, become open-minded, and change their behavior to resolve all the emotional, mental, and physical issues in their relationships.

Marriage counseling in Dubai cost may vary from around 350 AED to 1000 AED per session. The price may depend upon the experience and reputation of the psychologist or the professional counselor. You may not be able to find top-rated therapists at very cheap rates. 

You can even consider online sessions for islamic marriage counseling doctors in dubai to resolve personal disputes via tele-counseling services. The guidance offered to married couples may be according to Islamic laws and affairs. 

Single Person Counseling

Relationship counseling can also be conducted for a single person or partner. Some of the reasons to visit alone may be after a disturbing break-up, to break a date that has negative shades, wanting to know yourself as a person rather than a partner. 

The success rate of marriage or relationship counseling depends on the efforts put by the couples to change themselves for making their relationship work smoothly with love and respect. Usually, the success rate of couples counseling is maybe 70 – 75%. 

You can visit the doctoruna.com website or download the app to search for the most-reviewed relationship/marriage counseling doctors in Dubai. You can also find counselors near your area, if you want marriage counseling in Abu Dhabi, you can choose area-specific doctors. Request a physical appointment or telehealth consultation today! 


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