Pulmonology Follow-up – A Necessary Step

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Pulmonology follow-up is a term to acknowledge your successive visits to a trusted pulmonologist doctor, who is certified to treat lung diseases, especially those that are linked to the upper respiratory tract. To some extent, pulmonologists in the UAE may also be consulted for specific lung conditions that cause damage to the heart. 

Pulmonology follow-up recommended for following patients 

  • Complex lung disease – When the lung disorder is complex and difficult to manage or treat, it is referred to a trained pulmonologist in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The condition may be affected by the patient's age, overall health, or other pre-existing health issues such as AIDS. 
  • Patients under prescribed medication – Doctors may give antibiotic medications to deal with severe pulmonology problems connected to tract infection symptoms. These drugs and the doses need to be monitored periodically or even changed by the doctor, based on the patient's response. You can approach the top-rated pulmonologist in Ajman or Al Ain for follow-up visits. 
  • Patient undergone operation – There are many types of surgical procedures that can be done on patients suffering from pulmonary issues. Major surgeries such as a lung transplant could involve complications like infection or bleeding. And the patient has to be monitored at regular intervals even after being discharged. 
  • Discharged patients – In the hospital after surgery, the patient is monitored by the pulmonologist to mark the progress. It is a controlled environment and safe for the patient. When the patient is discharged, his condition can worsen due to other factors. Therefore a follow-up is needed to assess the patient's post-surgery health. 
  • Lifestyle changes – Most lung disorders require the patient to make drastic lifestyle changes to manage the condition. For instance, if he is a smoker, he has to quit smoking. Follow-ups are needed so that lung specialists in American hospital or other top hospitals in Dubai can keep proper track of the patient's advancement and guide him to make correct lifestyle changes. 

Follow-up Procedure 

The best pulmonologists in Sharjah, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi often take follow-up visits very seriously. These specialists will have updated and detailed info regarding the patient's medical history and ongoing treatment. They will then check the patient for new or deteriorating symptoms and their relation to the prescribed medications.  The patient may be advised to undergo more tests and imaging procedures such as X-rays for close monitoring. 

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