Say No To Addiction With Hypnotherapy

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-05-31

Hypnotherapy is popularly used to treat several psychological disorders and addictions. It mainly involves hypnosis and psychotherapy. This treatment is done by a professionally trained therapist, a licensed psychologist, or a psychiatrist. The patient (client) is informed beforehand about the process and the therapy is started only after his/her consent. 

Common Types of Hypnotherapy Addiction Treatment Techniques 

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy – This technique involves hypnosis to dig deep into the subconscious and the conscious mind to understand the workings of the client's mind. 
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – The therapy helps through indirect suggestion procedure and storytelling for behavior alteration. It is a unique approach and different from traditional hypnotherapy. 
  • Hypno-psychotherapy – In this form of therapy, therapists use hypnosis and psychotherapy to find out about deep-seated mental issues. The technique is said to be an integrative and intensive approach. 
  • Hypnoanalysis – This therapy is based on analytical psychotherapy and helps to identify a strong trigger that may have led to the present mental disorder. By knowing the root cause, the psychiatrist doctors in dubai may try to resolve the issue. 
  • NLP – This is not a typical part of hypnotherapy, but some certified hypnotherapists use this practice to help their clients or patients relax and attain a happy state of mind. 
  • Past Life Regression – Hypnotherapists who believe in past life theory use hypnosis and help patients recover their memories of other lives. The practitioners feel that such memories can be connected to uncover present life issues. It is a holistic therapy. 

There are other types of hypnotherapies such as 'Rapid Transformational Therapy' and 'Suggestion hypnotherapy' practiced by reputed hypnotherapists in the UAE. Hypnotherapy session cost in UAE may be around 600 AED per session. 

Hypnotherapy for Drug Addiction

Suggestion techniques can work in favor of people who want to come out of their drug addiction. The hypnosis suggestions during the sessions can help the patient to stop craving for the drug. The suggestions made by the therapists may include developing an intense dislike for the drug and not needing them ever. 

Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction

Hypnotherapy can help curb your sugar craving! The best hypnotherapy in UAE can help you deal with the mental, emotional, and physical withdrawal symptoms while resisting sugar and other refined foodstuffs. 

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can be successfully controlled by hypnotherapy sessions. The subconscious level treatment can be perfect for substance abuse disorder. Hypnotherapy addiction CHMC, Dubai, and many other prestigious health centers offer great therapy sessions at reasonable costs. 

Find the most ideal hypnotherapist at Doctoruna, the leading medical search engine in the UAE. What type of hypnosis session are you interested in? We can assist you in finding the right therapist for your addiction. You may want hypnotherapy for addiction near your place, DoctorUna has you covered with some of the best hypnotherapists in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Chat online with our support team today! 


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