Seek Counseling to Address Parenting Challenges

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-06-21

Parents are accountable for their child's upbringing. They tend to their kid's needs daily. Parents teach their children life skills, social skills, and instill appropriate behavioral patterns in them. Sometimes, parents also need external support and childcare advice. 

Guidance and support to parents can be given with the help of parenting counseling. Parents can be offered the necessary therapy tools and advice to take proper care of their children. Parenting or family counselors in Dubai provide different modalities and therapies to support parents in getting a grip on parental duties. The sessions can help to conquer their personal issues and restore peace and well-being in the household. 

As a parent, you can be provided reference by your doctor, child's school authorities, or a psychologist to seek professional help. You can get family guidance in Dubai for improving your troubled relationship with your family members. Conflicts between parents and their offspring can also be addressed through such therapy sessions. 

If you want counseling sessions to be conducted in your native language, then you can make an online search at DoctorUna platform for the same. For instance, parenting counseling in Dubai for Malayalam-speaking parents can be arranged via the free medical service. 

Parent Counselor Meeting 

For parenting counseling in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, a certified counselor can meet the parents at a fixed time and date, following a pre-approved schedule. The counselor may then conduct a thorough interview to discuss the main issue and know the current state of mind of the parents to give tangible solutions or maximum therapeutic benefits. 

Parenting Challenges 

  • Providing good and consistent care
  • Looking after an infant 
  • Maintaining family relationships
  • Facing financial difficulties 
  • Feeling stressed or rushed 
  • Scheduling day timetable for children 
  • Having difficulty in sleeping 

Issues that strain a partner relationship may crop up when one parent stays at home tending to the children and feels overworked. He/she may even think that the partner working outside the home is not contributing to the household chores. 

Visiting a family court in Dubai to manage parental disputes or other issues related to child responsibility can be arranged. Approach verified and fully reliable platforms such as DoctorUna to find reputed parenting or family counselors. You can download DoctorUna App for parenting counseling in Sharjah or Dubai. 

Parenting counselors in Dubai may use a variety of techniques for counseling sessions. From talk therapy, re-framing to role-play and communicative exercises, they may use specific techniques depending on your situation. 


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