Sleep Disorders & Their Treatment in Dubai

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-08-22

Do you crave restful sleep every night? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Well, you are not alone! You may be affected by sleep disorders, which are a set of health conditions that disturb your ability to fall asleep and sleep well through the night, on a daily basis. 

Sleep disorder or insomnia has become a common problem for millions of people worldwide, especially for those living in cities like Dubai that offer a productive and competitive work environment. 

Insomnia treatment in Dubai is offered to people who exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Finding it hard to fall asleep and continue sleeping peacefully 
  • Waking up often during the night 
  • Waking up way too early and feeling tired all-day

Disturbed or inadequate sleep at night can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It can cause stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, depression, tiredness, and irritability. Insomnia can also trigger tension headaches. You may be suffering from a sleep disorder due to a certain medical condition or it may be an independent health problem. 

Different Types of Sleep Disorders

  • Insomnia – The inability to get sleep at night or remain asleep all through the night. 
  • Sleep Apnea – A grave medical condition that affects your breathing and causes oxygen deprivation during sleep. Snoring is a common sign of sleep apnea. 
  • Parasomnias – This disorder triggers abnormal movements and odd behavior when you are asleep.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) – The urgent and overwhelming need to keep moving your legs is known as RLS. You may also feel a tingling sensation as soon as you lie down to sleep. 
  • Narcolepsy – It is also called sleep attacks and occurs when you are awake. It causes extreme tiredness and you may fall asleep during the day or night suddenly without any warning. 

Depending on your type of sleep problem, you can consult a sleeping disorder doctor near you to get medical treatment. Most sleep-related problems may go away once you start treatment with a reputed sleep specialist in Dubai

You can inquire online about reputed sleep clinics in the UAE. You can get details about the London Sleep Clinic in Dubai, which offers the best diagnostic treatment and care for people with various sleep disorders and related (psychological and physical conditions). 

Sleep specialists in Sharjah or Dubai may provide treatment involving a combination of medications plus positive lifestyle changes. Medical treatment may include sleeping pills, allergy medication, melatonin supplements, medicines prescription for underlying health problems, use of breathing devices, or a dental guard to stop teeth grinding. For snoring treatment in Dubai, doctors may suggest using a CPAP device, which can help in keeping the upper airway passages fully open. 

Lifestyle adjustments like taking healthy meals, reducing sugar, doing regular workouts, drinking less water just before bedtime, limiting alcohol and tobacco intake, and more. 

Get accurate details regarding sleep problems and related medical treatment available in Dubai at DoctorUna, a top-class UAE medical search engine connecting patients with the most-verified doctors in the UAE. From sleep test costs in Dubai to the most reputed sleep clinics, you can gain access to medical support at DoctorUna. Download our app on your mobile at the earliest! 


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