Smart Post-COVID19 Air Travel Tips

Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-08-05

After the total lockdown on travel since April 2020, the world is learning to tussle with a post-COVID 19 scenario. The fast-spreading novel coronavirus is highly contagious and has infected more than 18,475,190 people globally (tally as on 4th August 2020). In the UAE, more than 60,000 people have been tested positive for COVID 19. 

Airports have been opened in some countries and travel restrictions have been eased to allow its citizens and expats to travel after taking necessary precautions. It is important to have adequate knowledge regarding travel rules and take sufficient measures to stay safe. 

Traveling in an Airplane 

According to the World Health Organization, the risk of COVID-19 infection on a plane is very low. The modern ventilation systems on an airplane changes the air inside the plane several times within an hour. The recirculated air is filtered through the HEPA system. However, the risk of infection can be high if you come in direct contact with an infected person or by touching common surfaces that have been compromised.  

Let us explore some healthy air travel plans to minimize the risk of infection:

  • Follow Guidelines & Create an Inventory List 

You should diligently follow travel rules and carry some essential items whilst traveling from one place to another. Your list must have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, new disinfectant wipes, paper tissues, hand gloves, and two face masks. These things can help you maintain a good hygiene level and form a protective barrier around you. 

  • Avoid Touch

The novel coronavirus is predominantly spread via person-to-person contact. Developing an effective public health plan and measures to control the spread is vital to break the contagious chain of transmission. So, when you are traveling, you need to avoid touching surfaces and maintain safe distances. When you touch devices such as ATMs, escalators, and check-in corners, you should use sanitizer to clean your hands and avoid touching your face. 

  • Say No to Human Contact 

Rely on human-less technology and automatic devices. You can get the boarding pass from the machines and get your hand properly sanitized afterward. Always try to maintain at least six feet distance from the airport staff and if possible pay via contact-free electronic options. 

  • Get a Window Seat

If you are choosing a seat, try and get a window seat. A recent study suggests that the humble window seat is the best arrangement to avoid germs. It is also best to remain seated for the remainder of your flight journey. 

  • Scrub Down Surfaces

You can conduct a speedy scrub down of all the hard surfaces near your seat such as the tray table, seat flap, and the backseat. Use good disinfectant wipes on hard surfaces while totally avoiding the soft surfaces. If you use the touch screen or bathroom handle, try using gloved hands or tissues to avoid direct contact with such common surfaces. 

Lastly, do not venture out of your house if you are sick. To protect yourself and others, it is best to stay home if you feel sick or experience the symptoms typical of viral flu or novel coronavirus. Some countries have imposed a 14 day quarantine law after travel, check the destination you are travelling to and their local laws. In case the symptoms do not go away within 3 days, it is advised to get tested for COVID-19 infection. 

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