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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-06-21

Social skills group therapy aims at assisting children and young teens aged between 5 years to 16 years of age to improve their social skills. From learning how to make friends to responding appropriately while making conversation. Understanding subtle signs that indicate if you have made a friend or not, all can be learned by joining social skills therapy. 

Such therapy programs are impactful and effective in decreasing painful childhood experiences of rejection by peers or failing to socialize in school. It can also reduce depressive and aggressive behavior that may develop due to a non-existent social circle. 

Common communicating cues explained by social therapists in Dubai:

  • Failing to notice people's verbal and non-verbal signs
  • Forceful entry into a peer group
  • Not acknowledging the presence of new friends 
  • Not knowing when to stop talking about some topic
  • Not having enough empathy for others 
  • Not understanding others unspoken yet transparent messages 

Social skills therapists offer therapy sessions to increase the emotional intelligence of children, which is just as essential as reading or writing skills. 

The primary goal of SS group or social skills group therapy is to teach young children and teens better social communication interactions including:

  • To use correct body language 
  • To understand others facial language 
  • To understand others expression and knowing to express emotions 
  • To initiate interactions like conversation and play
  • To gain self-control 
  • To learn anger management
  • To know to solve problems 
  • To cope with mild teasing 
  • To accept the consequences of self-made mistakes 

Find British or Indian social therapists in Dubai who can break down child-related complex social behaviors into simpler and smaller portions. These psychological specialists offer therapy programs that gradually introduce kids and teenagers to learning and developing social skills. 
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